Leon Trotsky

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Date of birth 7 November 1879
Date of death 21 August 1940

 Leon Trotsky textsDate
1st Letter to the Communist League1931
A Centrist Attack on Marxism1934
A Creeping Revolution1919
A Glimpse of Soviet Democracy1922
A Greeting1934
A Letter About the Spanish Revolution1931
A Letter from Exile in Alma-Ata1928
A Letter on the Capitulators1929
A Letter on the Italian Revolution1930
A Letter to Albert Treint1931
A Letter to Our French Comrades1919
A Letter to Our French Comrades (To Comrades Loriot, Rosmer, Monatte, and Péricat)1919
A Letter to Sherman Stanley1939
A Letter to a French Syndicalist about the Communist Party1920
A Letter to the American Trotskyists1929
A Letter to the Editorial Board of La Lutte de Classes1929
A Letter to the Workers of Zurich1932
A Militant Labour Programme for the French Communist Party1922
A Necessary Discussion with Our Syndicalist Comrades1923
A New Slander Against D.B. Riazanov1931
A New Zig-zag and the New Dangers1931
A Note on Max Eastman1933
A Note on Plekhanov1922
A Petty-Bourgeois Opposition in the Socialist Workers Party1939
A Political Biography of Stalin1932
A Program of Action for France1934
A Real Achievement1934
A Remarkable Document on the Policy and the Régime of the Communist International1928
A Reply to the Chinese Oppositionists1929
A Retreat in Full Disorder1930
A School of Revolutionary Strategy1921
A Slander!1931
A Squeak in the Apparatus1930
A Statement on the Rakovsky Case1934
A Strangled Revolution and Its Stranglers1931
A Strategy of Action and Not of Speculation1932
A Trial Balance of the Stalin Amalgam1935
About the United Front with Grzezinsky1933
Again and Once More Again on the Nature of the USSR1939
Against Bureaucracy, Progressive and Unprogressive1924
Alarm Signal!1933
An Answer to the Stalinist Critics1926
An Interview with Leon Trotsky1933
An Open Letter to All Members of the Leninbund1930
An Open Letter to the Editorial Board of La Verité1929
Apropos the Foreign Policy of the Stalinists1933
Are There Limits to the Fall?1934
At the Fresh Grave of Kote Zinzadze1931
Austria Next in Order!1933
Back to the Party1940
Balance Sheet of the Finnish Events1940
Before the Decision1933
Behind the Scenes in the Russian Party1929
Bessedovsky’s “Revelations”1929
Between Red and White1922
Bolshevik-Leninists in U.S.S.R. Face New Frame-Up1935
Bonapartism and Fascism1934
Bourgeois Public Opinion, Social Democracy and Communism1922
Brailsford and Marxism1926
Breaking Up the Constituent Assembly1925
British History And Culture1931
Bureaucratism and Factional Groups1923
C.I. Impotence Veils Itself with Parliamentary Cretinism1933
Can a Counter-Revolution or a Revolution Be Made on Schedule?1923
Centrism and the 4th International1934
Civility and Politeness as a Necessary Lubricant in Daily Relations1923
Class Relations in the Chinese Revolution1927
Class and Art - Culture Under the Dictatorship1924
Clemency! (May 1916)1916
Closer to the Proletarians of the Colored Races1932
Communism and Freemasonry1922
Communism and Syndicalism1929
Communist Policy Toward Art1923
Crisis in the Right-Center Bloc1928
Democracy, Pacifism and Imperialism1917
Dialectical Materialism and Science1925
Disarmament and the United States of Europe1929
Discussion of the German Tasks1933
En Route: Thoughts on the Progress of the Proletarian Revolution1919
Engels’s War Articles1924
Europe and America1926
Even Slander Needs Meaning1933
Extract from Letter to the National Sections1932
Factory Councils and Workers’ Control of Production1931
Factory Councils in Germany and Workers’ Control of Production1931
Family Relations Under the Soviets1932
Fascism and Democratic Slogans1933
First Speech on the Chinese Question1927
First of August! What will “International Red Day” Bring?1929
Five Years of the Russian Revolution1922
For Communist Unity in Spain1931
For a Workers’ United Front Against Fascism1931
For the Fourth International1934
For the Spanish Revolution1931
Foreword by L. Trotsky1933
Forming a Government1925
Forward! (June 1917)1917
Fragments of Truth From Under the Garbage of Slander1931
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 Texts mentioning Leon TrotskyAuthor·sDate
"Last Testament" Letters to the CongressLenin1922
A Brief Outline of the Split in the RSDLPLenin1905
A Capably Written Little BookLenin1921
A Good Resolution and a Bad SpeechLenin1913
Achievements and Difficulties of the Soviet GovernmentLenin1919
Adventurism (1914)Lenin1914
Afterword to the Theses on the question of the immediate conclusion of a separate and annexationist peaceLenin1918
Against the Riot-MongersLenin1917
An Open Letter to Boris SouvarineLenin1916
An Unfortunate PeaceLenin1918
Clarity Has Been AchievedLenin1914
Concluding Remarks to the Symposium Marxism and LiquidationismLenin1914
Controversial Issues - An Open Party and the MarxistsLenin1913
Direct-line conversation with L. D. Trotsky, Chairman of the Soviet Peace Delegation at Brest-LitovskLenin1918
Disruption of Unity Under Cover of Outcries for UnityLenin1914
Draft Decision for the Politbureau of the CC, RCP(b) on the Commander-in-Chief’s Protest Concerning the Order to the Commander of the Turkestan FrontLenin1920
Draft Decision for the Politbureau of the CC, RCP(b) on the Setting Up of a Single Commission on ConcessionsLenin1921
Eighth Congress of the RCP(b)Lenin1919
Extraordinary Seventh Congress of the RCP(b)Lenin1918
Fourth Conference Of Trade Unions and Factory Committees Of MoscowLenin1918
From A Publicist's Diary The Mistakes Of Our PartyLenin1917
From the New-Iskra CampLenin1905
From the Theses for a Report at the October 8 Conference of the St. Petersburg Organisation, and Also for a Resolution and Instructions to Those Elected to the Party CongressLenin1917
Fundamental Problems of the Election CampaignLenin1911
Have the Organising Committee and the Chkheidze Group a Policy of Their Own?Lenin1916
How Certain Social-Democrats Inform the International About the State of Affairs in the RSDLPLenin1910
How One Should Not Write the History of OctoberUnknown1925
How P. B. Axelrod Exposes the LiquidatorsLenin1912
Insertion for L. B. Kamenev’s Pamphlet Two PartiesLenin1911
Introduction to “The Errors of Trotskyism”British Communist Party
John Thomas Murphy
Journal of Lenin’s Duty SecretariesLenin1922
Judas Trotsky’s Blush of ShameLenin1911
Letter to Grigori Zinoviev and Instructions to the SecretaryLenin1921
Letter to J. V. Stalin For Members of The CC, RCP(b)Lenin1922
Letter to Leon Trotsky, April 30, 1921Lenin1921
Letter to Leon Trotsky, August 7, 1919Lenin1919
Letter to Leon Trotsky, December 12, 1922Lenin1922
Letter to Leon Trotsky, December 13, 1922Lenin1922
Letter to Leon Trotsky, December 15, 1922Lenin1922
Letter to Leon Trotsky, December 21, 1922Lenin1922
Letter to Leon Trotsky, December 26, 1921Lenin1921
Letter to Leon Trotsky, Grigori Zinoviev, Nikolai Bukharin and Karl Radek, November 25, 1922Lenin1922
Letter to Leon Trotsky, January 21, 1919Lenin1919
Letter to Leon Trotsky, January 21, 1922Lenin1922
Letter to Leon Trotsky, June 3, 1920Lenin1920
Letter to Leon Trotsky, June 4, 1920Lenin1920
Letter to Leon Trotsky, June 6, 1919Lenin1919
Letter to Leon Trotsky, Leonid Serebryakov, Mikhail Lashevich, September 16, 1919Lenin1919
Letter to Leon Trotsky, March 28-29, 1921Lenin1921
Letter to Leon Trotsky, March 3, 1921Lenin1921
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