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Militant archives, mostly marxists.

The purpose of this site is to consolidate the text archive into a database for easy consultation and research. The texts have to be readable on screen, on mobile, but also exportable in epub (for reader), .pdf, format .doc or .odt ... The wiki format makes it possible to propose easily additions of texts, corrections (especially when OCRrized texts contain misprints), and links to versions of texts availables in other languages.

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Samples of possible queries

Letters written by Marx before 1850

Texts with keywords 'War' and 'Denmark'

Texts related to feminism in China

Authors born between 1920 and 1950


Contribute !

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What you can do: correct some misprints when you spot them, import some missing texts, add relevant keywords to texts, add missing information on texts like dates, publication... Have the look to the dedicated page.

How do I do that? Check the help page, you should find everything you need.