Letter to James P. Cannon, April 5, 1938

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Finishing the Transitional Program

Dear Comrade Cannon:

I am enclosing the English translation of my letter addressed to the League of Nations. The original text in French, dated March 31, has already been sent. It would be very very desirable to publish this document integrally in the bourgeois press. But if we give it here to the press they would send it by cable only in short excerpts. That is why I am sending it to you. You can transmit it directly to the American papers or to one of them. If it is necessary, you can give it exclusively to the New York Times or to the Herald Tribune under the condition that it be published as it is. Otherwise it would be better to give it freely to the whole press.

Please cable us when the letter will appear in the American press so that we can give it simultaneously to the Mexican press where it will surely be published integrally.

Our work on the transitional program goes on with success. In two days I hope to send you the first half and in five or six days the end. I would be very glad to have your criticism and suggestions from the American comrades. Your plenum could adopt it, if in general only in principle, and leave to the Political Committee the right to introduce necessary amendments.

My best greetings to Rose [Karsner], to you, and to all friends.

L. Trotsky