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Date of birth 1 March 1898
Date of death 1912

 RSDLP textsDate
Second Congress of the Russian Social-democratic Labour PartyAug 1903
All-Russia RSDLP Conference, March 1917Mar 1917

 Texts mentioning RSDLPAuthor·sDate
Draft and Explanation of a Programme for the Social-Democratic PartyLeninJan 1895
The Tasks of the Russian Social-DemocratsLeninJan 1897
A Draft of Our Party ProgrammeLeninJan 1899
A Retrograde Trend in Russian Social-DemocracyLeninJan 1899
Apropos of the Profession de FoiLeninJan 1899
Articles for Rabochaya Gazeta (1899)LeninJan 1899
A Protest by Russian Social-DemocratsLeninAug 1899
Draft of a Declaration of the Editorial Board of Iskra and ZaryaLeninJan 1900
Declaration of the Editorial Board of IskraLeninSep 1900
Draft Agreement (1900)LeninSep 1900
How the “Spark” Was Nearly ExtinguishedLeninSep 1900
The Urgent Tasks of Our MovementLeninNov 1900
The Split in the Union of Russian Social-Democrats AbroadLeninDec 1900
Note of December 29, 1900LeninDec 1900
What Is To Be Done?LeninJan 1901
For the Draft Agreement with StruveLeninJan 1901
The Workers’ Party and the PeasantryLeninFeb 1901
Party Affairs AbroadLeninOct 1901
A Reply to the St. Petersburg CommitteeLeninOct 1901
The “Unity” Conference of RSDLP Organisations AbroadLeninDec 1901
Preface to the Pamphlet Documents of the “Unity” ConferenceLeninDec 1901
A Talk With Defenders of EconomismLeninDec 1901
On a Letter from “Southern Workers”LeninDec 1901
Material for working out the RSDLP programLeninJan 1902
Political Agitation and “The Class Point of View”LeninFeb 1902
Reply to “A Reader” (1902)LeninFeb 1902
The Agrarian Programme of Russian Social-DemocracyLeninMar 1902
Report of the Iskra Editorial Board to the Meeting (Conference) of RSDLP CommitteesLeninMar 1902
A Letter to the Northern LeagueLeninApr 1902
Material for the Preparation of the Programme of the RSDLPLeninApr 1902
Introduction to the Leaflet of the Don Committee of the RSDLP “To the Citizens of Russia”LeninMay 1902
Why the Social-Democrats Must Declare a Determined and Relentless War on the Socialist-RevolutionariesLeninJul 1902
Letter to Ivan Radchenko, July 22, 1902LeninJul 1902
Revolutionary AdventurismLeninSep 1902
A Letter to the Editors of Yuzhny RabochyLeninSep 1902
On the Tasks of the Social-Democratic MovementLeninNov 1902
Introduction to the Leaflet “To the Citizens of All Russia”LeninDec 1902
Draft Appeal of the Russian Organising Committee to the League of Russian Revolutionary Social-Democracy, the Union of Russian Social-Democrats Abroad, and the Foreign Committee of the BundLeninJan 1903
On the Subject of Reports by Committees and Groups of the RSDLP to the General Party CongressLeninJan 1903
Letter to the Kharkov Committee of the RSDLP, January 15, 1903LeninJan 1903
Announcement of the Formation of an Organising CommitteeLeninJan 1903
Concerning the Statement of the BundLeninFeb 1903
On the Manifesto of the Armenian Social-DemocratsLeninFeb 1903
Does the Jewish Proletariat Need an “Independent Political Party”?LeninFeb 1903
Letter to the Nizhni-Novgorod Committee of the RSDLP, February 23, 1903LeninFeb 1903
Reply to Criticism of Our Draft ProgrammeLeninJun 1903
Second Congress of the RSDLP (1)LeninJul 1903
Second Congress of the RSDLP (2)LeninJul 1903
The National Question in Our ProgramLeninJul 1903
Account of the Second Congress of the RSDLPLeninSep 1903
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