Letter to Albert Glotzer, November 21, 1933

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Youth Conference Plans

Dear Comrade Glotzer:

Just received your letter on the youth conference. Hasten to reply to it in view of the extreme importance of the matter.

1. The conference is postponed. The exact date is unknown to me. January was considered. But it is possible that it will take place later. I am giving you below the address of Comrade Held in Amsterdam through whom you may get in touch directly with the initiators of the conference. Held belongs to the Left Opposition, not to the OSP.

2. The initiator is the OSP. This fact has its positive as well as its negative sides. The OSP is a left centrist party which will still give us not a little trouble. Its advantage lies in the fact that it is composed entirely of young workers. The firm OSP is more convenient for the convocation of the conference as it does not repel the vacillating. On the other hand, you are entirely right that the conference could produce serious results only on the condition that our delegation comes united and well prepared.

The direction of the preparatory work was assigned by the International Secretariat to Comrade Souzo. To aid him a sub-commission was organized in Brussels for Latin countries and in Amsterdam for Germanic countries. It is decided to have a third commission in the States and it was considered that you would carry on the main work.

All the three sub-commissions have to send their proposals to Comrade Souzo.

I quote the decisions by memory. You will, of course, receive more definite official information.

Your presence at the conference as well as some time before the conference would, of course, be most useful. Whether it is realizable on account of the time at our disposal and money I cannot judge.

With best wishes.


L. Trotsky