Letter to James P. Cannon, February 4, 1938

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Optimistic over the Future

My Dear Friend:

I just this moment received your letter concerning the general situation of the party. I find myself in absolute solidarity with all your considerations and appreciations, and I am ready to subscribe to every word of your letter. I am with you very optimistic over the future of our party.

Natalia and I wish you personally good health; it is not necessary to wish you energy. Best greetings to Rose.


L.D. [Trotsky]

P.S. – It is very, very good that you are sending a bit of money to the IS. They were boycotted all the time by the Dutch organization and half the time by the Belgian. Your support will have the greatest influence materially as well as morally upon their activity. In all the fundamental questions they were right against the Dutch and the Belgians.