Press Statement at Marseilles, November 21, 1932

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There is nothing mysterious about my voyage and it presents, in my opinion at least, not the slightest interest to the public.

This is the only reason why I refused to say anything to the Greek press or the Italian press. But since this has given rise to regrettable interpretations. I believe it advisable now to make the following statement:

I have lived for four years in Turkey. I have read, I have written, and in my leisure hours I have fished and hunted. I have been chiefly occupied with The History of the Russian Revolution. This work is finished, and its last pages have gone to the printers.

Students in Copenhagen, at their own initiative, have invited me to lecture to them on the subject "What Is the October Revolution?' In my lecture, which I will give in German because I do not know the Danish language, I shall try to review the results of my historical researches.

My lecture pursues scientific, not propagandistic, aims; this does not mean, of course, that I intend to conceal my point of view, which remains the same as it was at the time of the October 1917 insurrection.

I am accompanied by my wife, N. I. Sedova, who has shared the vicissitudes of my life for thirty years, and by three young friends who came voluntarily from three different countries to the island of Prinkipo to help me in my scientific and political work: Jan Frankel, Czechoslovak; Otto Schüssler, German; Pierre Frank, Frenchman.

After our short visit to Denmark, we will return to Prinkipo, where we have retained our house with the small library restored after the fire of 1931.

That is all.