Letter to James P. Cannon, May 16, 1938

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For an Immediate Trip to Europe

Dear Jim:

The latest news from Europe shows that your immediate trip to Europe is absolutely necessary. Vereecken seems to be very active in his factional work on the international arena. After his attempt to take the side of Eiffel against the Mexicans, he is now trying to take the side of the Mexicans against Diego. The announcement of the conference put all the differences on the agenda and inevitably gave them an acute character. Your absence now from Europe will facilitate the work of the disrupters and in the last analysis create a difficult situation for the American party. The more I think about the question the more it becomes clear to me that in the next two months the fate of the American party will be decided not on the Pacific Coast but in Europe. You should go there at any price.

The lack of decisions of the Pan-American Conference is a terrible handicap here and in certain respects a rehearsal of what can happen in Europe if the matter is not carried to a conclusion.

After your intervention here all the questions developed an acute character. Now Diego has an expectant attitude and Galicia is working nationally as well as internationally. This situation is absolutely intolerable. Your immediate answer by airmail on this whole question is absolutely necessary.

Fraternally, Hansen [Trotsky]