To Women Workers

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Author(s) Leon Trotsky
Written 27 December 1919

Keywords : Women

In order that Front Week – that is, the week of universal intense work by the rear for the front, and care for the front – may be a success, the woman worker must play a part in it. The first task of Front Week is to bring about increased attention to the wounded and sick. It is not possible to cope, in this sphere, by means of a merely ‘official’ Soviet apparatus. Here we need personal participation, personal attention to an individual, to a wounded or sick Red Army man. And from whom can the army expect warmer concern for its disabled soldiers than from the woman worker?

Front Week has as its wider task to strengthen the morale of our Red regiments, by showing them that they have behind them a firm and reliable rear. We are close to victory, but we still have to wage a stern struggle during these difficult winter months. During Front Week the woman worker will show the Red fighters with particular force and energy that their material and spiritual interests are near and dear to her heart..

Among the many, many hundreds of thousands of workers and peasants whom the Soviet Republic has put under arms there are, of course, some ignorant, self-seeking, corrupt elements. It is from this group that deserters come. The woman worker must use her influence to sustain in the working class contempt and hatred for the violators of military solidarity, the self-seekers and runaways. Front Week will become, with the help of the woman worker, the week when the last vestiges of desertion are swept away.

Not many weeks are left before January 21. Intense work is needed. All organisations of women workers must put the question of Front Week on the agenda at their meetings. Not a single conscious woman worker must remain aloof.

The front is fighting, the front is straining every nerve to win complete and rapid victory. Sister woman worker, help the front!

December 27, 1919