Letter II to James P. Cannon, April 15, 1938

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Dear Comrade Cannon:

1. We are sending you copies of letters concerning your trip to London. I hope that you will inform them in time so that they can prepare the meetings and so that you can use your time, in London with full efficiency.

2. Please arrange to send Maitland a copy of my article on Spain, but not the printed copy in the Socialist Appeal (there are some errors), rather a corrected typewritten copy.

3. We have sent you the transitional program draft and a short statement about the labor party. Without your visit to Mexico, I could never have written the program draft because I learned during the discussions many important things which permitted me to be more explicit and concrete. I should be very glad to have the opinion of the friends upon the document.

4. I am enclosing some small corrections to the text of the program draft.

5. I am now finishing the article "Their Morals and Ours." In two days we will begin the translation. This article will be my swan song for at least half a year. I am going to work on my books and will reduce my collaboration on the press and even my correspondence to the strictest minimum.

6. I must mention that Comrade Pincus was and remains very helpful to us in our work here especially in the editing of translations and I am sure he will be very useful to our movement in the States.

7. We heard vaguely about your automobile accident and were very sorry about this disagreeable complication to your trip. The friends assured me in any case that none of you were hurt personally. All of us hope that this disagreeable accident will not darken the remembrance of your sojourn in Mexico. We remember your visit with the warmest feelings.

8. I am a bit astonished about the kind of publicity given to Eastman's letter in the New International. The publication of the letter is all right, but the prominence given it on the cover, combined with the silence about Eastman's article in Harpers, seems to me a bit compromising for the New International. Many people will interpret this fact as our willingness to close our eyes on principles when friendship is concerned.528

9. In my Kronstadt article there is a very disagreeable error on page 106, the last paragraph. It is printed:- "conscious of their importance on the arena . . ." and so on. It should read: "conscious of their impotence on the arena." It would be well to annotate this sense-distorting error in the next issue.

Best regards to all friends, Yours,

L.D. [Trotsky]