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Date of birth 10 April 1870
Date of death 21 January 1924

 Lenin textsDate of writing
(Reply by N. Lenin to Rosa Luxemburg) One Step Forward, Two Steps BackSeptember 1904
.Draft Resolutions for the Fifth Congress of the R.S.D.L.P.15 February 1907
A Basic Question3 May 1917
A Bird in the Hand or Two in the Bush8 June 1917
A Bloc of the Cadets and the Octobrists?16 April 1908
A Bold Assault and a Timid Defence5 July 1906
A Brief Outline of the Split in the R.S.D.L.P.1905
A Cadet Professor19 October 1912
A Cadet Property-Owner Argues “According to Marx”30 October 1913
A Career (A. Suvorin)18 August 1912
A Caricature of Bolshevism4 April 1909
A Caricature of Marxism and Imperialist EconomismAugust 1916
A Characterisation of Economic Romanticism1897
A Class Shift27 June 1917
A Comparison of the Stolypin and the Narodnik Agrarian Programmes1 July 1912
A Contradictory Stand14 June 1917
A Contribution to the History of the National Programme in Austria and in Russia5 February 1914
A Conversation Between a Legalist and an Opponent of Liquidationism29 April 1911
A Deal With the Capitalists or Overthrow of the Capitalists?25 May 1917
A Discovery5 February 1913
A Discreditable Role!19 May 1913
A Disgraceful Resolution18 October 1912
A Disorderly Revolution25 June 1917
A Dissenting Opinion Recorded at the All-Russian Conference of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party by the Social-Democratic Delegates from Poland, The Lettish Territory, St. Petersburg, Moscow, The Central Industrial Region and The Volga Area4 November 1906
A Draft of Our Party Programme1899
A Few Words on Results and Facts23 April 1913
A Fine Business!18 August 1913
A Fool’s Haste Is No Speed5 May 1914
A Game of Chance4 October 1912
A German Voice on the War5 December 1914
A Good Resolution and a Bad Speech13 December 1913
A Great Technical Achievement21 April 1913
A Highborn Liberal Landlord on the “New Zemstvo Russia”5 February 1914
A Letter to Comrades Julius, Vanya, Savely, Ivan, Vladimir, Stanislav and Foma, Students at the Capri Party School30 August 1909
A Letter to V. A. Karpinsky26 December 1916
A Letter to Y. D. Stasova and to the Other Comrades in Prison in Moscow19 January 1905
A Letter to a Comrade on Our Organisational TasksSeptember 1902
A Letter to the Comrades (With Reference to the Forthcoming Publication of the Organ of the Party Majority)12 December 1904
A Letter to the Editors (May 15, 1917)2 May 1917
A Letter to the Editors (May 18, 1917)18 May 1917
A Letter to the Editors of Yuzhny Rabochy16 September 1902
A Letter to the Moscow Committee24 August 1902
A Letter to the Northern LeagueApril 1902
A Letter to the Organisations in Russia28 February 1905
A Letter to the Organisers of the Party School on Capri18 August 1909
A Letter to the Zemstvoists10 March 1902
A Letter to the Zurich Group of Bolsheviks18 January 1905
A Liberal Labour Party Manifesto3 December 1911
A Liberal Professor on Equality11 March 1914
A Little Explanation (1912)8 August 1912
A Militant Agreement for the Uprising21 February 1905
A Most Lucid Exposition of a Most Confused Plan23 August 1905
A Mote in the Eye14 June 1917
A New Chapter of World History21 October 1912
A New Coup D’État in Preparation30 September 1906
A New Dreyfus Case?6 July 1917
A New Menshevik Conference27 September 1905
A New Revolutionary Workers' Association4 June 1905
A New Revolutionary Workers’ Association4 June 1905
A New Upswing6 May 1906
A Note on the Question of the Market Theory1898
A Note on the Resolution of the Estonian Social-Democrats25 March 1907
A Painful But Necessary Lesson25 February 1918
A Partnership of Lies13 April 1917
A Police-Patriotic Demonstration Made to Order12 March 1908
A Political Lidvaliad4 February 1907
A Poor Defence (1912)21 August 1912
A Poor Defence of a Liberal Labour Policy1 April 1912
A Proletarian Militia20 April 1917
A Protest by Russian Social-DemocratsAugust 1899
A Question of Principle25 May 1917
A Questionnaire on the Organisations of Big CapitalApril 1912
A Radical Bourgeois on the Russian WorkersMarch 1914
A Regrettable Deviation From the Principles of Democracy10 May 1917
A Replete Bourgeoisie and a Craving Bourgeoisie27 September 1905
A Reply to the LiquidatorsJuly 1912
A Reply to the St. Petersburg CommitteeOctober 1901
A Retrograde Trend in Russian Social-Democracy1899
A Revolution of the 1789 or the 1848 Type?March 1905
A Riddle11 June 1917
A Separate Peace6 November 1916
A Serious Lesson And A Serious Responsibility5 March 1918
A Shameful Fiasco28 November 1909
A Shameless Lie of the Capitalists11 April 1917
A Social-Democratic SweetheartOctober 1905
A Strong Revolutionary Government6 May 1917
A Stubborn Defence of a Bad Case7 December 1913
A Tactical Platform for the Unity Congress of the R.S.D.L.P.20 March 1906
A Talk With Defenders of Economism6 December 1901
A Talk on “Cadet-Eating”26 August 1912
A Third Step Back20 June 1905
A Turn in World Politics31 January 1917
A Valuable Admission6 July 1901
A Weak Defence of a Weak Case17 October 1913
A Week After the Dublin Massacre3 September 1913
A Word About Strikes2 February 1913
A Word to the Bolsheviks of St. Petersburg3 October 1909
A Zemstvo Congress10 September 1901
A “Fashionable” Branch of Industry21 July 1913
A “Labour Congress”1906
A “Responsible Opposition” and the Participation of the Constitutional-Democrats in the March 1 Conference14 March 1914
A “Scientific” System of Sweating13 March 1913
A “Voluntary Agreement” Between Landowners and Peasants?14 April 1917
About a Certain Newspaper ArticleSeptember 1897
Account of the Second Congress of the R.S.D.L.P.September 1903
Adventurism (1914)9 June 1914
Advice of an Onlooker8 October 1917
Afterword To The Theses On The Question Of The Immediate Conclusion Of A Separate And Annexationist Peace8 January 1918
Against Boycott26 June 1907
Against Unity—With the LiquidatorsFebruary 1912
Against the Riot-Mongers14 April 1917
Agency of the Liberal Bourgeoisie8 December 1911
Agreement or Split?15 March 1913
All Power to the Soviets!18 July 1917
Alliance Between the Workers and Exploited Peasants
Already the “New” Government is Lagging Behind Even the Peasant Mass, Leave Alone the Revolutionary Workers6 May 1917
Among Newspapers and Periodicals (July 2)2 July 1906
Among Newspapers and Periodicals (July 4)4 July 1906
Among Newspapers and Periodicals (June 23)23 June 1906
Among Newspapers and Periodicals (June 29)29 June 1906
Among Newspapers and Periodicals (May 31)31 May 1906
Among Newspapers and Periodicals (May 9)9 May 1906
An Alliance to Stop the Revolution19 June 1917
An Anaemic Duma or An Anaemic Petty Bourgeoisie2 April 1907
An Answer22 July 1917
An Appeal to the Party by Delegates to the Unity Congress Who Belonged to the Former “Bolshevik” Group25 April 1906
An Attempt at a Classification of the Political Parties of Russia30 September 1906
An Epidemic of Credulity8 June 1917
An Equilibrium of Forces17 October 1905
An Era of Reforms15 August 1903
An Estimate of Marx by International Liberalism12 March 1908
An Honest Voice in a Chorus of Slanderers15 April 1917
An Important Exposure13 April 1917
An Incorrect Appraisal (Luch on Maklakov)June 1913
An Increasing Discrepancy6 February 1913
An Irate Reply27 September 1905
An Obliging LiberalOctober 1904
An Open Letter to All Pro-Party Social-Democrats22 November 1910
An Open Letter to Boris SouvarineDecember 1916
An Open Letter to Charles Naine, Member of the International Socialist Committee in Berne26 December 1916
An Open Letter to the Delegates to the All-Russia Congress of Peasants’ Deputies11 May 1917
An Organ of a Liberal Labour Policy19 February 1912
An Unfortunate Document3 May 1917
An Unfortunate Peace24 February 1918
An Unissued Statement27 November 1903
An Unsubmitted Statement29 October 1903
Anarchism and Socialism (1901)1901
Angry EmbarrassmentApril 1907
Announcement of the Formation of a Bureau of Majority Committees20 October 1904
Announcement of the Formation of an Organising Committee15 January 1903
Announcement of the Formation of an Organising Committee and the Convening of the Third Regular Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour PartyDecember 1904
Announcement on the Publication of Rabochaya GazetaOctober 1910
Another Commission18 June 1917
Another Massacre5 June 1901
Anxiety29 April 1917
Appeal of the Executive Commission of the Petrograd Committee of the R.S.D.L.P.(B.)6 July 1917
Appeal on the WarAugust 1915
Appeal to the Soldiers of All the Belligerent Countries21 April 1917
Apropos of One Untruth15 June 1913
Apropos of Stolypin’s DeclarationFebruary 1907
Apropos of an AnniversaryFebruary 1911
Apropos of the Minutes of the November Military and Combat Conference of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour PartyApril 1907
Apropos of the Open Party30 January 1913
Apropos of the Profession de Foi1899
Are the Zemstvo “Liberals” Already Turning Back?16 August 1905
Argue About Tactics, But Give Clear Slogans!13 September 1905
Armaments and Capitalism21 May 1913
Articles for Rabochaya Gazeta (1899)1899
Articles for “Rabochaya Gazeta”1899
At the Uttermost Limit20 November 1915
August Bebel8 August 1913
Backward Europe and Advanced Asia18 May 1913
Bad Advice21 May 1906
Banality Triumphant, or S.R.'s Ape the Cadets3 April 1907
Banality Triumphant, or S.R.’s Ape the Cadets3 April 1907
Bankruptcy?20 April 1917
Banks and Ministers14 April 1917
Before and Now (1912)30 August 1912
Before the Storm21 August 1906
Bellicose Militarism and the Anti-Militarist Tactics of Social-Democracy23 July 1908
Better Late Than Never8 January 1913
Between Two Battles (1905)12 November 1905
Bewildered Non-Party People4 October 1913
Big Achievement of the Chinese Republic22 March 1913
Big Landlord and Small Peasant Landownership in Russia2 March 1913
Bill on the Equality of Nations and the Safeguarding of the Rights of National Minorities6 May 1914
Blocs With the Cadets23 November 1906
Bolshevism and “Demoralisation” of the Army16 June 1917
Book Review: A. Bogdanov. A Short Course of Economic ScienceFebruary 1898
Book Review: Commercial and Industrial RussiaFebruary 1899
Book Review: I. Drozdov, The Wages of Farm Labourers5 May 1914
Book Review: J. A. Hobson. The Evolution of Modern CapitalismApril 1899
Book Review: Karl Kautsky. Bernstein und das sozialdemokratische Programm. Eine Antikritik1899
Book Review: Karl Kautsky. Die AgrarfrageMarch 1899
Book Review: Labour Protection ExhibitsJanuary 1914
Book Review: N. A. Rubakin, Among Books, Vol. II. Nauka Publishers, Moscow, 19134 April 1914
Book Review: Parvus. The World Market and the Agricultural CrisisFebruary 1899
Book Review: R. Gvozdev. Kulak Usury, Its Social and Economic SignificanceFebruary 1899
Book Review: S. N. Prokopovich. The Working-Class Movement in the West1899
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