Letter to James P. Cannon, May 1, 1939

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Where Munis Should Go

Dear Friend:

It is my opinion that we must bring Munis here as quickly as possible. Curtiss has done everything that could be done under the conditions; and I do not see any reason for keeping him here now when his work could be used to better advantage in the States. Also, the climate here is very unfavorable for Lillian, and in spite of the fact that she was a very precious collaborator for me, I must insist on the necessity for her to return as quickly as possible.

Curtiss makes his return dependent upon Munis’s arrival. I do not know Munis’s plans or inclinations: when he is leaving France or whether or not he is going to the States. Curtiss fears that efforts may be made in New York to retain him for the Pan-American Committee. It would be false. Munis should come here where he would be ten times more useful. Please do everything possible in this direction.


V.T. O’Brien [Leon Trotsky]