Letter to James P. Cannon, February 22, 1938

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After Sedov's Death

Dear Friends:

We received your cables and letters. You understand without further words that they were of high moral value for us in these terrible days, I can say the most terrible in our life.

Together with Natalia I wrote an article during these days on Leon. It was not only a political duty but was the only one means not to lose one's reason. I dedicated the article to our youth. It would be of great moral support to Natalia and me if this writing could be published as early as possible by our youth organization in the form of a small pamphlet. It is possible that some things would not be clear enough for the young generation. Some comrade, if possible Shachtman, could write an annotation at the end as an appendix; not more, I believe, than one or two pages in order not to change the general character of this writing. I avoided subtitles. They seem to me superfluous in this case.

Eleven pages are being translated here and will be sent tomorrow by airmail, and the last eleven pages should be immediately translated in New York. We are sending one copy of the Russian text to Comrade Wright, and in case that he is absent, a second copy to Comrade Glenner [Jan Frankel]. We leave to them, Shachtman, or one of you the last editing. It is not necessary to return the manuscript for revision. I am sure the work will be done with all the necessary carefulness.

I promised you in my last letter to send you another manuscript, that of a pamphlet,Their Morals and Ours. But at that time I didn't know that I would have to write in the next few days a necrology for Leon. The promised pamphlet is almost ready. I shall dedicate it to Leon's memory because he was an authentic representative of our morals.

The cable concerning the trip of Comrade Hank Stone was sent last night. He will be welcomed in our home as a new member of our family.

From the last letters I see two propositions or plans, one concerning your arrival with Minnesota friends, the second concerning a more immediate trip of Glenner and yourself. It is not necessary to say that Natalia and myself will await you with friendship and love, but the urgent trip of Glenner and yourself is not necessary especially in view of the trip of Hank Stone. I am writing about the matter separately to Van.

Warmest greeting to you and all our friends and hearty thanks for everything you have done and are doing.

From Natalia and myself,

Yours fraternally,

Leon Trotsky

P.S. – We now have a little supplementary house in the next yard. It is more than modest and not furnished. It can be put at your disposal if you will stay here for more than a week; then it would be reasonable from a financial point of view to buy some beds and to arrange the kitchen in this little house. In this case it would be advisable for you to take with you some sheets and blankets. There are four little rooms and a kitchen in the "house." If you accept this suggestion cable "Accept housing." We will try in this case to clean the rooms.