Order by the Chairman of the Supreme Military Council and the People’s Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs (June 1918)

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To all units of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army fighting against the counter-revolutionary mutineers and their Czechoslovak allies, June 13, 1918

Soldiers of the Red Army! The enemies of the workers and peasants have raised a revolt. Ex-General Krasnov is restoring the Tsarist regime in the Don area and opening the gates for foreign invasion. The criminal rebel Dutov is advancing his black bands against the workers and peasants in the Ural region. The agents of foreign capitalists have, by means of bribery, lies and slander, raised our Czechoslovak prisoners-of-war in rebellion against the Russian workers and peasants. On the Don, on the Volga, in the Urals, in Siberia the landlords, capitalists and reactionary generals are lifting their heads. The Right SRs and Mensheviks are acting in concert with them.

Soldiers of the Red Army, the Council of People’s Commissars orders you to crush the counter-revolutionary bands and wipe the enemies of the people off the face of the earth!

Order and discipline must reign in all units. All orders by commanding personnel must be carried out unquestioningly. I order commanders to report to me all feats of revolutionary heroism and military valor. I shall publish these cases, giving names, for the information of the whole country. Let every town and village of workers’ and peasants’ Russia learn who is a renegade and who is a true and honest son of the people.

Cowards and traitors must be cast out and crushed.

All the honest workers and peasants of all Russia will come to the aid of the brave.

Long live the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army!