Letter to Henk Sneevliet, March 17, 1934

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Author(s) Leon Trotsky
Written 17 March 1934

[Writing of Leon Trotsky, Vol. 14, New York 1979, p. 461 f., title: “Reproaching the Dutch Section”]

Reproaching the Dutch Section

Dear Friend:

1. Enclosed I send you a strong article against de Kadt in the form of a letter addressed to you, thus stressing our solidarity on the questions of principle. I hope that this article will be useful.

2. I strongly regret that your party is so stubborn on the NAS question (last summer you seemed to me more flexible on this matter). In any case, let us handle this question in such a way that the centrists (OSP and SAP) cannot profit from it. That of course implies as much goodwill on your side as on ours.

3. The extradition of the four German comrades is a really unprecedented case. What have the RSP and the NAS done about this? And you personally as a deputy?

4. The conduct of the RSP toward the International Secretariat is not altogether comprehensible. The IS is now developing important activity. But it does not have the full support of the sections, even the richest. Involved are not large sums of money but regular monthly contributions. And the whole burden of this should not be placed on the French and the Russian Biulleten.

At present this relates to a burning question: in Greece Witte is trying to rally his section against us, but he has encountered energetic opposition in the Political Bureau and especially in the ranks. The fraction of the leadership which sides with us asks that someone from the IS go to Athens for the coming party congress. I consider this absolutely necessary, because the fate of an important workers’ organization is at stake. But for this some thousands of francs are needed. We count here firmly on a contribution from the RSP. But this should be made immediately, because there is no time to lose.

It would be very good if Vereecken could go to Greece. But I do not know if he is now thinking about undertaking this trip.

This time I am counting on an immediate response.

P.S. Could you tell me what Het Fundament represents? I have received an invitation from its editors to write an article. This does not seem to me to be very appropriate.