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Two Statements on the Cannon-Shachtman Letter

The letter of Comrades Cannon and Shachtman having a private character, like a number of letters from comrades of other tendencies, its publication is a deplorable mistake on the part of the apparatus of the IS. I am saying so in an official letter. In any case, every informed reader must understand that personal characterizations are characteristic of struggle during an impassioned discussion. Every one of us, in letters not meant for publication, makes such exaggerations meant to emphasize our thought better. Cannon and Shachtman knew perfectly well that by their epigrammatic characterizations they could in no way disqualify in my eyes comrades whom I sincerely love and esteem.

It would be truly deplorable if this unpardonable publication could envenom, however little, the life of the party. While awaiting the official letter, you could translate this brief remark for the Political Bureau for any purpose.

L.D. Trotsky