Marx-Engels Collected Works/Volume 18

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Works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels[edit source]

1857-62[edit source]


Articles for The New American Cyclopaedia[edit source]

Abensberg (Engels)3
Acre (Engels)4
Actium (Engels)5
Adjutant (Engels)6
Airey (Engels)7
Aland Islands (Engels)9
Albuera (Engels)10
Aldenhoven (Engels)12
Alessandria (Engels)13
Alma (Engels)14
Almeida (Engels)19
Amusette (Engels)20
Antwerp (Engels)21
Arbela (Engels)23
Arquebuse (Engels)24
Aspern (Engels)27
Attack (Engels)34
Abatis (Engels)39
Afghanistan (Engels)40
Barbette (Engels)49
Barclay de Tolly (Marx & Engels)50
Bastion (Engels)53
Bayonet (Engels)55
Berthier (Marx)56
Algeria (Engels)60
Ammunition (Engels)71
Battle (Engels)72
Bennigsen (Marx & Engels)76
Blum (Marx)80
Bourrienne (Marx)83
Army (Engels)85
Battery (Engels)127
Bem (Marx & Engels)130
Bessieres (Marx)134
Bivouac (Engels)136
Blindage (Engels)137
Bonnet (Engels)138
Bosquet (Marx & Engels)139
Bomb (Engels)141
Bomb Ketch (Engels)143
Bomb-Proof (Engels).144
Bomb Vessel (Engels)145
Bombardier (Engels)146
Bombardment (Engels)147
Bernadotte (Marx)149
Bridge, Military (Engels)159
Brown (Marx)164
Armada (Marx & Engels)166
Ayacucho (Marx & Engels)170
Blücher (Marx & Engels)172
Artillery (Engels)188
Bugeaud (Marx)211
Brune (Marx)215
Bolivar y Ponte (Marx)219
Campaign (Engels)234
Cannonade (Engels)236
Captain (Engels)237
Carabine (Engels)238
Carcass (Engels)239
Carronade (Engels)241
Cartouch (Engels)243
Cartridge (Engels)244
Case Shot (Engels)246
Berme (Engels)248
Blenheim (Engels)249
Borodino (Engels)251
Bridge-Head (Engels)256
Buda (Engels)258
Camp (Engels)262
Catapult (Engels)266
Coehorn (Engels)267
Bidassoa (Engels)269
Brescia (Engels)277
Burmah (Engels)280
Bomarsund (Engels)287
Bülow (Marx)288
Beresford (Marx & Engels)289
Cavalry (Engels)291
Fortification (Engels)317
  • I. Permanent Fortification
  • II. Sieges
  • 336
  • III. Field Fortification
  • 335
    Infantry (Engels)340
  • I. Grecian Infantry
  • 340
  • II. Roman Infantry
  • 344
  • III. The Infantry of the Middle Ages
  • 348
  • IV. The Revival of Infantry
  • 350
  • V. The Infantry of the 16th and 17th Centuries
  • 352
  • VI. The Infantry of the 18th Century
  • 356
  • VII. The Infantry of the French Revolution and of the 19th Century
  • 359
    Navy (Engels)364

    From the Preparatory Materials[edit source]

    Summary of John W. Kaye's History of the War in Afghanistan (Engels)379
    Excerpts from the Article "Blum" Published in Meyers Conversations-Lexicon (Marx)391
    Excerpts Made for the Article"Bourrienne" (Marx)394
    Rough Draft of the Article "Brune" (Marx)397
    Excerpts from the Article "Bülow" Published in Meyers Conversations-Lexicon (Marx)402

    Works of Frederick Engels[edit source]

    Articles for The Allgemeine Militar-Zeitung and The Volunteer Journal, for Lancashire and Cheshire

    To the Editor of the Allgemeine Militär-Zeitung407
    A Review of English Volunteer Riflemen409
    The French Light Infantry417
    • Chapter I
  • Chapter II
  • 420
  • Chapter III
  • 424
    Volunteer Artillery429
    The History of the Rifle433
  • I
  • 433
  • II
  • .436
  • III
  • 439
  • IV
  • 442
  • V
  • 444
  • VI
  • 447
  • VII
  • 452
  • VIII
  • 456
    Volunteer Engineers : Their Value and Sphere of Action460
    French Armaments465
    On the Moral Element in Fighting. By Marshal Bugeaud469
    Preface to the Collection Essays Addressed to Volunteers476
    Volunteer Generals479
    Brighton and Wimbledon484
    Company Drill490
    Rifles and Rifle-Shooting495
    Aldershot and the Volunteers500
    The War Office and the Volunteers504
    Waldersee on the French Army508
    A Military Criticism of the Newton Review518
    Volunteer Officers521
    Lessons of the American War525
    The War in America530
    An Inspection of English Volunteers535

    Illustrations[edit source]

    Title page of Volume I of The New American CyclopaediaI
    Battle of the Alma, September 20, 1854 (sketch)15
    Battle of Aspern, May 21-22, 1809 (sketch)29
    Afghanistan during the First Anglo-Afghan War, 1838-42 (map)42-43
    National liberation movement in Algeria in the first half of the 19th century (map)65
    Pages of Marx's notebook with entries on the dispatch of articles to The New American Cyclopaedia123
    Military operations in Central Europe, August 13, 1813-April 1, 1814 (maps)174-75
    Struggle of the countries of Latin America for independence (campaigns of Bolivar's army) (map)230-31
    Battle of Borodino, September 5-7, 1812 (sketch)250-51
    Battles of the Bidassoa, August 31 and October 7, 1813 (sketch)271
    Chart of the battle of the Bidassoa made by Frederick Engels275
    Title page of the collection Essays Addressed to Volunteers477
    First page of an advertisement giving the contents of the first volume of The Volunteer Journal478