Marx-Engels Collected Works/Volume 12

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Works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels[edit source]


March 1853- February 1854

March 1853

British Politics. Disraeli. The Refugees. Mazzini in London. Turkey (Marx & Engels)3
The Real Issue in Turkey (Engels)13
The London Press. Policy of Napoleon on the Turkish Question (Marx)18
The Turkish Question (Engels)22


The Berlin Conspiracy (Marx)28
What Is to Become of Turkey in Europe? (Engels)32
The Berlin Conspiracy. London Police. Mazzini. Radetzky (Marx)37
Hirsch's Confessions (Marx)40
The New Financial Juggle; or Gladstone and the Penntes (Marx)44
Achievements of the Ministry (Marx)50
Feargus O'Connor. Ministerial Defeats. The Budget (Marx)57
L. S. D., or Class Budgets, and Who's Relieved by Them (Marx)63
Riot at Constantinople. German Table Moving. The Budget (Marx)67
Soap for the People, a Sop for The Times. The Coalition Budget (Marx)75
The Rocket Affair. The Swiss Insurrection (Marx & Engels)82
Political Position of the Swiss Republic (Engels)86


Revolution in China and in Europe (Marx)93
Affairs in Holland. Denmark. Conversion of the British Debt. India, Turkey and Russia (Marx)101
Mazzini. Switzerland and Austria. The Turkish Question (Marx)107
The Turkish Question. The Times-Russian Aggrandisement (Marx)112


The Russian Humbug. Gladstone's Failure. Sir Charles Wood's East Indian Reforms (Marx)115
The British Rule in India (Marx)125
English Prosperity. Strikes. The Turkish Question. India (Marx)134
Turkey and Russia. Connivance of the Aberdeen Ministry with Russia. The Budget. Tax on Newspaper Supplements. Parliamentary Corruption (Marx)142
The East India Company-Its History and Results (Marx)148
The Indian Question. Irish Tenant Right (Marx)157


Russian Policy Against Turkey. Chartism (Marx)163
The Turkish War Question. The New York Tribune in the House of Commons. The Government of India (Marx)174
Layard's Motion. Struggle Over the Ten Hours Bill (Marx)185
The Russo-Turkish Difficulty. Ducking and Dodging of the British Cabinet. Nesselrode's Last Note. The East India Question (Marx)192
War in Burma. The Russian Question. Curious Diplomatic Correspondence (Marx)201
The War Question. Doings of Parliament. India (Marx)209
The Future Results of British Rule in India (Marx)217
Financial Failure of Government. Cabs. Ireland. The Russian Question (Marx)223


In the House of Commons. The Press on the Eastern Question. The Czar's Manifesto. Denmark (Marx)233
Advertisement Duty. Russian Movements. Denmark. The United States in Europe (Marx)239
The War Question. British Population and Trade Returns. Doings of Parliament (Marx)245
Urquhart. Bem. The Turkish Question in the House of Lords (Marx)257
The Turkish Question in the Commons (Marx)265
Affairs Continental and English (Marx)277
Michael Bakunin (Marx)284
Rise in the Price of Corn. Cholera. Strikes. Sailors' Movement (Marx)287


To the Editor of The Peoples Paper (Marx)290
The Vienna Note. The United States and Europe. Letters from Shumia. Peel's Bank Act (Marx)292
Political Movements. Scarcity of Bread in Europe (Marx)301
The Western Powers and Turkey. Imminent Economic Crisis. Railway Construction in India (Marx)309
The Western Powers and Turkey. Symptoms of Economic Crisis (Marx)318
Panic on the London Stock Exchange. Strikes (Marx)329
The Russians in Turkey (Engels)335

October-beginning of December

Lord Palmerston (Marx)341
  • First Article
  • Second Article
  • 352
  • Third Article
  • 358
  • Fourth Article
  • 370
  • Article Fifth
  • 379
  • Article Sixth
  • ..385
  • Seventh Article
  • 391
  • Eighth Article
  • 398
    The War Question. Financial Matters. Strikes (Marx)407
    The Turkish Manifesto. France's Economic Position (Marx)416
    Arrest of Delescluze. Denmark. Austria. The Times on the Prospects of War Against Russia (Marx)491
    Movements of the Armies in Turkey (Engels)424
    The Holy War (Engels)430


    War. Strikes. Dearth (Marx)435
    Persian Expedition in Afghanistan and Russian Expedition in Central Asia. Denmark. The Fighting on the Danube and in Asia. Wigan Colliers (Marx)444
    The Progress of the Turkish War (Engels)450
    The Russian Defeats (Engels)457
    The Labor Question (Marx)460
    Prosperity. The Labour Question (Marx)464
    Progress of the Turkish War (Engels)471
    David Urquhart (Marx)477
    The Knight of the Noble Consciousness (Marx)479
    Manteuffel's Speech. Religious Movement in Prussia. Mazzini's Address. London Corporation. Russell's Reform. Labor Parliament (Marx)500


    The War on the Danube (Engels)510
    The Turkish War. Industrial Distress (Marx)523
    The Quadruple Convention. England and the War (Marx)527
    The Russian Victory. Position of England and France (Marx)536
    Palmerston's Resignation (Marx)543
    Progress of the Turkish War (Engels)547

    January 1854

    The European War (Engels)553
    The Western Powers and Turkey (Marx)559
    The War in the East (Marx)568
    The Last Battle in Europe (Engels)579
    The Fighting in the East. Finances of Austria and France. Fortification of Constantinople (Marx)583
    The Czar's Views. Prince Albert (Marx)589
    Fortification of Constantinople. Denmark's Neutrality. Composition of British Parliament. Crop Failure in Europe (Marx & Engels)593


    Count Orlov's Mission. Russian Finances During the War (Marx)601
    Blue Books. Parliamentary Debates on February 6. Count Orlov's Mission. Operations of the Allied Fleet. The Irish Brigade. Concerning the Convocation of the Labor Parliament (Marx)606
    Russian Diplomacy. The Blue Book on the Eastern Question. Montenegro (Marx)

    Appendix[edit source]

    Apropos Carey. Cluss' Article "The 'Best Paper in the Union' and Its 'Best Men' and Political Economists" with Extracts from Marx's Letters (Marx)623

    Illustrations[edit source]

    Part of a page of the New York Daily Tribune with Marx's article "The British Rule in India"129
    British Conquests in India in mid-19th century161
    A page from Marx's notebook with notes on the mailing of articles in the New York Daily Tribune319
    Part of a page of the Peoples Paper with the first article of Marx's series Lord Palmerston343
    Title page of the first edition of Marx's pamphlet The Knight of the Noble Consciousness 483