Marx-Engels Collected Works/Volume 16

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Works of Marx and Engels (1858-60)[edit source]


August 1858

The English Bank Act of 1844 (Marx)3
Commercial Crises and Currency in Britain (Marx)8
History of the Opium Trade (Marx)13


History of the Opium Trade (Marx)17
Another Strange Chapter of Modern History (Marx)21
The Anglo-Chinese Treaty (Marx)28
British Commerce and Finance (Marx)33
Mazzini's New Manifesto (Marx)37
A New French Revolutionary Manifesto (Marx)41
The British and Chinese Treaty (Marx)46


The Question of the Abolition of Serfdom in Russia (Marx)51
The King of Prussia's Insanity (Marx)54
Russian Progress in Central Asia59
The King of Prussia's Insanity (Marx)65
The Prussian Regency (Marx)70
Affairs in Prussia (Marx)74
Affairs in Prussia (Marx)78
Russia's Successes in the Far East82
Mr. John Bright (Marx)87


The Prosecution of Montalembert (Engels)91
The New Ministry (Marx)96
The New Ministry (Marx)101
Affairs in Prussia (Marx)106
Project for the Regulation of the Price of Bread in France (Marx)110
Affairs in Prussia (Marx)115
Europe in 1858 (Engels)120


Affairs in Prussia (Marx)125
Question of the Ionian Islands (Marx)129
The Excitement in Ireland (Marx)114
The Emancipation Question (Marx)139
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    January 1859

    On Italian Unity (Marx)148
    The War Prospect in Europe (Marx)154
    Affairs in Prussia (Marx)158
    The Money Panic in Europe (Marx & Engels)162
    Louis Napoleon's Position (Marx)167
    The French Army (Engels)171


    German Resources for War (Engels)177
    The Austrian Hold on Italy (Engels)183
    The State of British Manufactures (Marx)190
    Chances of the Impending War (Engels)197


    The New British Reform Bill (Marx)202
    The State of British Manufactures (Marx)206
    Po and Rhine (Engels)211
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  • 218
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  • 250
    Peace or War (Marx)256
    A Sigh from the Tuileries (Marx)258
    The War Prospect in France (Marx)261
    The War Prospect in Prussia (Marx)267
    A Historic Parallel (Marx)271


    The Proposed Peace Congress (Engels)274
    Great Trouble in Indian Finances (Marx)279
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  • 283
    War Inevitable (Engels)287
    The Proposed Peace Congress (Marx)290
    The State of the Question. Germany Arming (Marx & Engels)295
    Prospects of the War (Engels)299
    The Financial Panic (Marx)303


    Fair Professions (Marx)307
    Austria, Prussia and Germany in the War (Marx)310
    The War (Engels)315
    Highly Important from Vienna (Marx)320
    The War-No Progress (Engels)327
    Fighting at Last (Engels)532
    The Battle of Montebello (Engels)338
    A Prussian View of the War (Marx)341
    The Campaign in Italy (Engels)346
    Strategy of the War (Engels)349
    Mazzini's Manifesto (Marx)354


    Progress of the War (Engels)360
    Military Events (Engels)364
    The Austrian Defeat (Engels)368
    A Chapter of History (Engels)371
    Spree and Mincio (Marx)380
    The Austrian Withdrawal to the Mincio (Engels)384
    The News from the War (Engels)380
    The Battle at Solferino (Engels)391


    Historical Justice (Engels)195
    The Battle of Solferino (Engels)400
    Erfurtery in the Year 1859 (Marx)404
    What has Italy Gained? (Marx)407
    On Ernest Jones (from the "Political Review" of Das Volk) (Marx)410
    The Peace (Marx)412
    Introductory Note to the "Memoir on Russia, for the Instruction of the Present Emperor" (Marx)415
    The Treaty of Villafranca (Marx)416
    The Italian War. Retrospect (Engels)421
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    Truth Testified (Marx)435
    Invasion! (Marx)439
    The French Disarmament (Marx)442

    Late July-middle of August

    Quid Pro Quo (Marx)445
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    Karl Marx, A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy, (Engels)465
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  • 472
    British Commerce (Marx)478
    Louis Napoleon and Italy (Marx)482
    Population, Crime, and Pauperism (Marx)487


    Manufactures and Commerce (Marx)492
    Kossuth and Louis Napoleon (Marx)497
    The Future of Italy (Marx)504
    The New Chinese War (Marx)508
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    To the Editor of The Free Press (Marx)525


    Electoral Corruption in England (Marx)526
    A Radical View of the Peace (Marx)532


    Trade with China (Marx)536
    Trouble in Germany (Marx)540
    The Invasion Panic in England (Marx)545


    Progress of the Moorish War (Engels)548

    January 1860

    The Moorish War (Engels)552


    Savoy and Nice (Engels)557
    The Moorish War (Engels)561
    Savoy, Nice and the Rhine (Engels)567
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    From the Preparatory Materials[edit source]

    Symptoms of the Revival of France's Internal Life (Marx)613
    The Italian War. 1859 (Engels)615
    On the Division of Labour (Marx)617

    Appendices[edit source]

    The French Slave Trade621
    Statement by the Editorial Board of the Newspaper Das Volk622
    Gatherings from the Press625
    Note by the Editorial Board of Das Volk635
    Political Review630

    Illustrations[edit source]

    Title-page of Frederick Engels' pamphlet Po and Rhine213
    Northern Italy and Switzerland (map)224-25
    The Italian war of 1859 (map)432-33
    Part of a page from Das Volk containing Frederick Engels' review of Karl Marx's work A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy467
    The war in Morocco, 1859-60 (map)549-50
    Title-page of Frederick Engels' pamphlet Savoy, Nice and the Rhine569