Marx-Engels Collected Works/Volume 2

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Works of Frederick Engels[edit source]

August 1838-December 1842

The Bedouin3
To the Enemies5
Book Wisdom6
Letters from Wuppertal7
To the Bremen Courier26
Open Letter to Dr. Runkel27
F. W. Krummacher's Sermon on Joshua29
From Elberfeld30
German Volksbucher39
Karl Beck41
Retrograde Signs of the Times41
On the Invention of Printing53
Joel Jacoby55
Requiem for the German Adelszeitung66
Modern Literary Life71
  • II. Modern Polemics
  • 81
    On Anastasius Grün94
    Reports from Bremen101
  • Theatre. Publishing Festival
  • 102
  • Literature
  • 104
    An Evening107
    Reports from Bremen112
  • An Outing to Bremerhaven
  • 112
    Two Sermons by F. W. Krummacher121
    On the Death of Immermann123
    Reports from Bremen126
  • Rationalism and Pietism
  • 126
  • Shipping Project. Theatre. Manoeuvres
  • 128
    St. Helena131
    Siegfried's Native Town132
    Ernst Moritz Arndt137
    Night Ride151
    The Emperor's Procession153
    Reports from Bremen155
  • Ecclesiastical Controversy
  • 155
  • Relation to Literature. Music
  • 158
  • Low German
  • 159
    Immermann's Memorabilien161
    Wanderings in Lombardy170
  • Over the Alps
  • 170
    Schelling on Hegel181
    Schelling and Revelation189
    Schelling, Philosopher in Christ241
    North -and South- German Liberalism265
    Diary of a Guest Student268
    Rhenish Festivals274
    Marginalia to Texts of Our Time277
    Polemic Against Leo281
    Alexander Jung, "Lectures on Modern German Literature"284
    Participation in the Debates of the Baden Chamber of Deputies298
    The Liberalism of the Spenersche Zeitung300
    The End of the Criminalistische Zeitung302
    On the Critique of the Prussian Press Laws313
    The Insolently Threatened Yet Miraculously Rescued Bible326
  • Canto the Second
  • 334
  • Canto the Third
  • 344
  • Canto the Fourth
  • 344
    F. W. Andreä and the High Nobility of Germany352
    Berlin Miscellany353
    Centralisation and Freedom355
    Frederick William IV, King of Prussia360
    The English View of the Internal Crises368
    The Internal Crises370
    The Position of the Political Parties375
    The Condition of the Working Class in England378
    The Corn Laws380

    Letters (August 1838-August 1842)[edit source]


    To Marie Engels, Aug 28-29385
    To Friedrich and Wilhelm Graeber, September 1388
    To Marie Engels, September 11390
    To Friedrich and Wilhelm Graeber, September 17392
    To Marie Engels, October 9-10399
    To Marie Engels, November 13402
    To Marie Engels, end of December403


    To Marie Engels, January 7405
    To Friedrich Graeber, January 20407
    To Friedrich Graeber, February 19414
    To Hermann Engels, March 11-12417
    To Marie Engels, March 12419
    To Friedrich Graeber, April 8-9420
    To Marie Engels, April 10423
    To Friedrich Graeber, about April 23-May425
    To Marie Engels, April 28437
    To Wilhelm Graeber, about April 28-30442
    To Marie Engels, May 23447
    To Wilhelm Graeber, May 24 - June 15448
    To Friedrich Graeber, June 15453
    To Friedrich Graeber, July 12-27457
    To Friedrich Graeber, after July 27463
    To Wilhelm Graeber, July 30464
    To Marie Engels, September 28469
    To Wilhelm Graeber, October 8471
    To Wilhelm Graeber, October 20-21474
    To Friedrich Graeber, October 29476
    To Wilhelm Graeber, November 13-20481
    To Friedrich Graeber, December 9. 1839 - February 5 1840487


    To Levin Schücking, June 18494
    To Levin Schücking, July 2496
    To Marie Engels, July 7-9498
    To Marie Engels, August 4501
    To Marie Engels, August 20-25503
    To Marie Engels, September 18-19507
    To Marie Engels, October 29510
    To Wilhelm Graeber, November 20513
    To Marie Engels, December 6-9516
    To Marie Engels, December 21-28519


    To Marie Engels, February 18523
    To Friedrich Graeber, February 22525
    To Marie Engels, March 8-11528
    To Marie Engels, April 5531
    To Marie Engels, about the beginning of May532
    To Marie Engels, about the end of August533
    To Marie Engels, September 9534


    To Marie Engels, January 5-6536
    To Marie Engels, April 14-16539
    To Marie Engels542
    To Arnold Ruge, June 15543
    To Marie Engels, July 2544
    To Arnold Ruge, July 26545
    To Marie Engels, August 2-8546

    Early Literary Experiments 1833-1837[edit source]

    To My Grandfather553
    Poem, 1836554
    Poem, probably written early in 1837555
    A Pirate Tale557
    The Single Combat of Eteocles and Polynices572

    Appendices[edit source]

    Birth Certificate of Friedrich Engels577
    Friedrich Engels Senior to Karl Snethlage, December 1, 1820578
    Baptism Certificate of Friedrich Engels580
    Friedrich Engels Senior to His Wife Elise, August 27, 1835581
    School-Leaving Reference for Prima Pupil Friedrich Engels584
    Friedrich Engels Senior to Karl Snethlage, October 5, 1842586
    Certificate of Conduct for the One-Year Volunteer Friedrich Engels588

    Illustrations[edit source]

    Frederick Engels in 18398-9
    Pages 208 and 209 of the Gutenbergs-Album containing M. J. Quintana's poem A la invencion de la imprenta and Engels' translation57
    Title-page of Engels' pamphlet Schelling and Revelation193
    Title-page of Engels' pamphlet Schelling, Philosopher in Christ245
    Title-page of Engels' pamphlet The Insolently Threatened Yet Miraculously Rescued Bible317
    Engels' caricature of "The Free", the Berlin group of Young Hegelians329
    Frederick Engels in the 1840s376-7
    Facsimile of Engels' letter to Wilhelm Graeber of April 28-30, 1839440-1
    Facsimile of the beginning of Engels' letter to Marie Engels of December 9,1840520-1
    Facsimile of the end of Engels' letter to Marie Engels of December520-1
    Engels' mother and father552-3
    The house in Barmen where Engels was born552-3
    Cover of Engels' history exercise book569
    Drawing by Engels from his history exercise book570
    The gymnasium in Elberfeld where Engels studied584-5