Marx-Engels Collected Works/Volume 9

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Works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels[edit source]


Articles from the Neue Rheinische Zeitung[edit source]

March 6—May 19, 1849


The State of Trade3
From the Theatre of War9
The Military Reports of the Kolnische Zeitung13
The 26th Austrian Army Bulletin19
The English Soldier's Oath of Allegiance22
From the Theatre of War24
The 27th Bulletin. Military Reports27
The March Association36
From the Theatre of War38
The Model Republic42
Vienna and Frankfurt47
[Three New Bills]50
Government Provocations55
An Austrian Report Published in the Augsburg Algemeine Zeitung58
[From the Theatre of War]61
[Austrian Defeats]63
The Hohenzollern General Plan of Reform65
The Censorship70
From the Theatre of War72
From the Theatre of War75
From the Theatre of War76
The Milliard79
The Frankfurt March Association and the Neue Rheinische Zeitung84
Draft Address of the Second Chamber86
From the Theatre of War90
From the Theatre of War91
From the Theatre of War105
Military Dictatorship in Austria102
The 18th of March108
The Neue Preussische Zeitung on the Occasion of the 18th of March109
From the Theatre of War110
Military Reports from Hungary113
From the Theatre of War121
From the Theatre of War123
The Hohenzollern Press Bill125
From the Theatre of War133
From the Theatre of War134
The Debate on the Address in Berlin135
From the Theatre of War. The Confused Situation in Serbia144
The War in Italy and Hungary148
From the Theatre of War152
From the Theatre of War [Italy]156
From the Theatre of War158
From the Theatre of War [Italy]164
Latest News from Hungary167
From the Theatre of War. More Russian Troops168
The Defeat of the Piedmontese169
From the Theatre of War178
From the Theatre of War181


From the Theatre of War185
From the Theatre of War188
French Foreign Policy191
The Comedy with the Imperial Crown193
The Call-Up of the Army Reserve in Prussia195
Wage Labour and Capital197
The Southern Slavs and the Austrian Monarchy229
The War in Hungary231
From the Theatre of War237
From the Theatre of War242
From the Theatre of War248
Austrian Lamentations250
From the Theatre of War252
From the Theatre of War255
The Extradition of Political Refugees257
From the Theatre of War. The German Navy259
From the Theatre of War. Windischgratz's Comments on the Imposed Constitution261
Rumours of the Extermination of the Rebels265
A Magyar Victory267
A Magyar Victory268
An Austrian Defeat271
From the Theatre of War277
Parliamentary Decisions Are Disregarded. Manteuffel's Spies281
From the Theatre of War283
From the Theatre of War286
From the Theatre of War. Peasant War in the Bukovina288
From the Theatre of War292
Sitting of the Second Chamber in Berlin. April 13295
The Slovaks. The So-Called Dembidski Bulletin299
From the Theatre of War302
"Magyar Rodomontade" of the Kolnische Zeitung306
The New Croatian-Slavonian-Dalmatian Robber State307
The Russians311
From the Theatre of War314
From the Theatre of War318
The Debate on the Law on Posters320
From the Theatre of War330
From the Theatre of War353
The Hungarian War355
From the Theatre of War342
Hungarian Victories346
From the Theatre of War360
Hungarian Advances. Excitement in Vienna362
Magyar Advances353
Dissolution of the Second Chamber357
From the Theatre of War363


From the Theatre of War368
The Counter-Revolutionary Plans in Berlin370
A Prussian Kick for the Frankfurt Assembly377
The Dissolution380
From the Theatre of War381
Prohibition of the Meeting of the Rhenish Municipal Councils389
From the Theatre of War390
The Congress of Rhenish Towns392
The Third Party in the Alliance394
From the Theatre of War396
News from Southern Germany399
News from Hungary400
Longing for a State of Siege412
The Situation in Hungary404
From the Theatre of War406
Kossuth's Proclamation407
From the Theatre of War409
The Prussian Army and the Revolutionary Uprising of the People411
A Question to the Workers413
The Tsar and His Subordinate Knyazes414
The Approaching Revolution416
The Deeds of the Hohenzollern Dynasty418
The Situation in Elberfeld423
From the Theatre of War424
Counter-Revolutionary Offensive and Victory of the Revolution426
The Uprising in Elberfeld and Dusseldorf428
The New Prussian Constitution430
The Sanguinary Law in Dusseldorf432
The Uprising in the Berg Country434
The Venal Baseness of the Kolnische Zeitung436
The Kreuz-Zeitung437
A New Prussian Kick for the Frankfurt Assembly438
The New Martial-Law Charter440
The Worthy Schwanbeck450
The Summary Suppression of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung451
"To My People"464
To the Workers of Cologne467

Articles & Statements[edit source]

May-July 1849

Letter to the Frankfurter Journal (Marx)473
The Revolutionary Uprising in the Palatinate and Baden (Engels)474
The 13th of June (Marx)477
To the Editor of the Newspaper La Presse (Marx)480
Repudiation (Engels)482

Appendices[edit source]

Report of Marx's Expulsion Sent by the Cologne Government Authorities to the Minister of the Interior von Manteuffel487
Invitation of the Democratic Association in Solingen to Marx, Freiligrath. Engels, Schapper and Wolff489
Banquet in Gürzenich490
Letter from the Minister of the Interior von Manteuffel to the Oberprasident of the Rhine Province, Herr Eichmann, together with a Copy of the Instructions Regarding the Expulsion of Marx Sent to the Royal Government Authorities in Cologne492
Decisions of the General Meeting of the Cologne Workers' Association Held on April 16, 1849493
From the Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the Cologne Workers' Association Held on April 17,1849495
Letter from the Royal Government Authorities in Cologne to the Oberprasident of the Rhine Province, Herr Eichmann, Regarding the Expulsion of Marx496
Resolution of Branch No. 1 of the Cologne Workers' Association498
Decisions of the General Meeting of the Cologne Workers' Association Held on April 23, 1849501
Report on the Convocation of the Congress of Workers' Associations502
From the Minutes of the Committee Meeting of the Cologne Workers' Association Held on May 1, 1849504
Marx's Receipt for a Financial Contribution Towards the Publishing Expenses of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung505
Congress of the Democratic and Workers' Associations506
Engels' Expulsion from Elberfeld508
The Democratic and Workers' Press on Marx's Expulsion and the Suppression of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung509
The Editors of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung514
Departure of Editor Karl Marx from Cologne515
The Second Trial of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung516
Trial for Libelling Deputies of the German National Assembly517
Trial for Interference in Official Functions521
From the Editors of the Neue Kölnische Zeitung523
A Warrant of Arrest against Friedrich Engels524
Marx's Arrival in Paris525
Notification of Marx's Expulsion from Paris Issued by the Commissioner of Police526
Notification Sent by the Commissioner of Police Stating That Marx's Petition Was Rejected527

Illustrations[edit source]

The first page of Engels' article "Military Dictatorship in Austria"103
The Neue Rheinische Zeitung No. 264, April 5,1849 with the beginning of Marx's Wage Labour and Capital199
Engels' article "Hungarian Victories" published in the Neue Rheinische Zeitung No. 283 (special Supplement), April 27 1849347
Hungary and Transylvania in 1849 (map)458-59
The last issue of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung (No. 301, May 19, 1849) which was printed in red ink469
Passport issued to Marx by the French police on August 24, 1849529