Marx-Engels Collected Works/Volume 11

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Works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels[edit source]


August 1851 - March 1853

Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Germany (Engels)3
  • I. Germany at the Outbreak of the Revolution
  • II. The Prussian State
  • 13
  • III. The Other German States
  • 22
  • IV. Austria
  • 26
  • V. The Vienna Insurrection
  • 31
  • VI. The Berlin Insurrection
  • 34
  • VII. The Frankfort National Assembly
  • 39
  • VIII. Poles, Tschechs and Germans
  • 43
  • IX. Panslavism. The Schleswig-Holstein War
  • 46
  • X. The Paris Rising. The Frankfort Assembly
  • 50
  • XI. The Vienna Insurrection
  • 54
  • XII. The Storming of Vienna. The Betrayal of Vienna
  • 59
  • XIII. The Prussian Constituent Assembly. The National Assembly
  • 66
  • XIV. The Restoration of Order. Diet and Chambers
  • 70
  • XV. The Triumph of Prussia
  • 74
  • XVI. The National Assembly and the Government
  • 80
  • XVII. Insurrection
  • 83
  • XVIII. Petty Traders
  • 87
  • XIX. The Close of the Insurrection
  • 91
    Statement and Accompanying Letter to the Editorial Board of the Augsburg Allgemeine Zeitung. October 4,1851 (Marx)97
    The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte (Marx)99
  • I.
  • 103
  • II.
  • 112
  • III.
  • 123
  • IV.
  • 137
  • V.
  • 147
  • VI.
  • 164
  • VII.
  • 181
    England (Engels)198
  • I
  • 198
  • II
  • 205
    To the Editor of The Times (Marx & Engels)210
    Real Causes Why the French Proletarians Remained Comparatively Inactive in December Last (Engels)212
  • I
  • 212
  • II
  • 215
  • III
  • 218
    Statement Sent to the Editorial Board of the Kolnische Zeitung (Marx)223
    General Klapka (Marx)224
    The Great Men of the Exile (Marx & Engels)227
  • I
  • 229
  • II
  • 248
  • III
  • 253
  • IV
  • 257
  • V
  • 260
  • VI
  • 274
  • VII. Gustav and the Colony of Renunciation
  • 280
  • VIII
  • 281
  • IX
  • 284
  • X
  • 290
  • XI
  • 296
  • XII
  • 304
  • XIII
  • 310
  • XIV
  • 323
  • XV
  • 325
    The Elections in England. Tories and Whigs (Marx)327
    The Chartists (Marx)333
    Corruption at Elections (Marx)342
    Result of the Elections (Marx)348
    Movements of Mazzini and Kossuth. League with Louis Napoleon. Palmerston (Marx)354
    Pauperism and Free Trade. The Approaching Commercial Crisis (Marx)357
    Political Consequences of the Commercial Excitement (Marx)364
    Political Parties and Prospects (Marx)369
    Attempts to Form a New Opposition Party (Marx)373
    Public Statement to the Editors of the English Press (Marx & Engels)378
    The Trials at Cologne. To the Editor of The Morning Advertiser (Marx)380
    Kossuth, Mazzini, and Louis Napoleon (Marx)382
    A Final Declaration on the Late Cologne Trials (Marx & Engels)384
    The Late Trial at Cologne (Engels)388
    Revelations Concerning the Communist Trial in Cologne (Marx)395
  • I. Preliminaries
  • 399
  • II. The Dietz Archive
  • 403
  • III. The Cherval Plot
  • 407
  • IV. The Original Minute-Book
  • 420
  • V. The Letter Accompanying the Red Catechism
  • 443
  • VI. The Willich-Schapper Group
  • 445
  • VII. Judgment
  • 452
    Parliament. Vote of November 26. Disraeli's Budget (Marx)458
    A Reply to Kossuth's "Secretary" (Marx)465
    The Defeat of the Ministry (Marx)466
    A Superannuated Administration. Prospects of the Coalition Ministry, &c (Marx)471
    Political Prospects. Commercial Prosperity. Case of Starvation (Marx)477
    Elections. Financial Clouds. The Duchess of Sutherland and Slavery (Marx)486
    Capital Punishment. Mr. Cobden's Pamphlet. Regulations of the Bank of England (Marx)495
    Defence. Finances. Decrease of the Aristocracy. Politics (Marx)502
    The Italian Insurrection. British Politics (Marx)508
    The Attack on Francis Joseph. The Milan Riot. British Politics. Disraeli's Speech. Napoleon's Will (Marx)513
    Parliamentary Debates. The Clergy Against Socialism. Starvation (Marx)522
    Forced Emigration. Kossuth and Mazzini. The Refugee Question. Election Bribery in England. Mr. Cobden (Marx)528
    Kossuth and Mazzini. Intrigues of the Prussian Government. Austrian-Prussian Commercial Treaty. The Times and the Refugees (Marx)535

    From the Preparatory Materials[edit source]

    Critical Review of Proudhon's Book Idee generale de la Revolution au XIV-e siecle (Engels)545

    Appendices[edit source]

    E. Jones. A Letter to the Advocates of the Co-operative Principle and to the Members of Co-operative Societies573
    E. Jones. Co-operation. What It Is, and What It Ought To Be582
    List of Documents Despatched to Cologne during the Communist Trial590
    G. Eccarius. A Review of the Literature on the Coup d'Etat592
    Appeal for Support of the Men Sentenced in Cologne621
    Appeal for Support of the Representatives of the Proletariat Sentenced in Cologne, and Their Families623

    Illustrations[edit source]

    Part of a page from the New York Daily Tribune containing Engels' article from the series Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Germany77
    Title-page of the journal Die Revolution in which The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte was published for the first time101
    Title-page of the journal Notes to the People, in which Engels' article "Real Causes Why the French Proletarians Remained Comparatively Inactive in December Last" was published219
    A page of the manuscript of The Great Men of the Exile (the main text is in Engels' hand, the addition in Marx's)291
    Title-page of the first edition of Marx's work Revelations Concerning the Communist Trial in Cologne397
    Title-page of the 1853 Boston edition of Marx's Revelations Concerning the Communist Trial in Cologne447
    Part of a page from The People's Paper containing an abridged version of Marx's article "Elections. Financial Clouds. The Duchess of Sutherland and Slavery"489
    Last page of Engels' manuscript "Critical Review of Proudhon's Book Ideé genérale de la Revolution au XIX-e siecle"564-65