Marx-Engels Collected Works/Volume 25

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Works of Frederick Engels[edit source]


Anti-Dühring, Herr Eugen Dühring's Revolution in Science[edit source]

Prefaces to the Three Editions5
I. General16
II. What Herr Duhring Promises28
Part I. Philosophy33
III. Classification. Apriorism33
IV. World Schematism39
V. Philosophy of Nature. Time and Space44
VI. Philosophy of Nature. Cosmogony, Physics, Chemistry53
VII. Philosophy of Nature. The Organic World61
VIII. Philosophy of Nature. The Organic World (Conclusion)71
IX. Morality and Law. Eternal Truths78
X. Morality and Law. Equality.88
XI. Morality and Law. Freedom and Necessity99
XII. Dialectics. Quantity and Quality110
XIII. Dialectics. Negation of the Negation120
XIV. Conclusion133
Part II. Political Economy135
I. Subject Matter and Method135
II. Theory of Force146
III. The Theory of Force (continuation)153
IV. The Theory of Force (conclusion)162
V. Theory of Value171
VI. Simple and Compound Labour182
VII. Capital and Surplus-Value187
VIII. Capital and Surplus-Value (Conclusion)196
IX. Natural Laws of the Economy. Rent of Land205
X. From Kritische Geschichte211
Part III. Socialism244
I. Historical244
II. Theoretical254
III. Production27}
IV. Distribution284
V. State, Family, Education29S

Dialectics of Nature[edit source]

[Plan Outlines]313
  • [Outline for the Part Plan]
  • 317
    [Articles and Chapters]314
  • Introduction
  • Old Preface to [Anti-]Duhring. On Dialectics
  • 336
  • Natural Science and the Spirit World
  • 345
  • Dialectics
  • 356
  • Basic Forms of Motion
  • 362
  • The Measure of Motion. Work
  • 378
  • Tidal Friction. Kant and Thomson-Tait
  • 392
  • Heat
  • 397
  • Electricity
  • 402
    The Part Played by Labour in the Transition from Ape to Man452
    [Notes and Fragments]465
  • [From the History of Science]
  • 465
  • [Natural Science and Philosophy]
  • 482
  • [Dialectics]
  • 492
  • [Mathematics]
  • 536
  • [Mechanics and Astronomy]
  • 551
  • [Physics]
  • 557
  • [Chemistry]
  • 570
  • [Biology]
  • 572
  • [Titles and Tables of Contents of the Folders]
  • 588

    From the Preparatory Materials[edit source]

    From Engels' Preparatory Writings for Anti-Duhring591
    • [Introduction. A Rough Outline]
  • Part One
  • 596
  • Part Two
  • 612

    Appendices[edit source]

    Infantry Tactics, Derived from Material Causes. 1700-1870623
    Additions to the Text of Anti-Duhring made by Engels in the Pamphlet Socialism Utopian and Scientific630

    Illustrations[edit source]

    F. Engels. Portrait. 18886-7
    Title page of the third edition of Engels' Anti-Duhring3
    First article of Anti-Duhring published in the newspaper Vorwarts on January 3 187717
    First page of Marx's manuscript Randnoten zu Duhrings Kritische Geschichte der Nationalokonomie213
    Diagram (formula) of Quesnay's Tableau economique239
    Outline of the general plan of Dialectics of Nature315
    First page of the first folder of Dialectics of Nature483