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Notebooks on imperialism

Written in 1915-16 in Russian, German, French, English and other languages.

First published in 1933--38 in Lenin Miscellanie XXII, XXVII, XXVIII, XXIX, XXX, XXXI. Notebook “δ” was first published in 1938 in the magazine Proletarskaya Revolyutsiya, No.~9

Published according to the manuscripts


Notebook “α” ("ALPHA")
  • Contents
  • Outline for an Article on the Struggle Against the “Marsh” (Notes on Kautskyism)
  • Source References
  • Ravesteijn on the Balkan Problem
  • Werner on Concentration in the Ruhr Mining Industry
  • Meyer (Capital Investment) and Source References
  • Liefmann' on the Frankfurt Metal Trade
  • Bourgeois Scientists on the Struggle Against Imperialism
  • Moride, “Multiple Stores”
  • Source References
  • Schilder, Volume 5 of Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv
  • Notes from Nashe Slovo
  • Source References
  • Total Capital in Joint-Stock Companies
  • Kestner, Compulsory Organisation
  • Vienna Arbeiter-Zeitung on Viennese Banks
  • Annals of the American Academy
  • Source References
  • Stillich, Money and Banking
  • Liefmann, Cartels and Trusts
  • From Principles of Social Economics
Notebook “β” (“BETA”)
  • Contents
  • Source References
  • Extracts from Die Bank [1]
  • Source References
  • Security Statistics
  • Grunzel, The Balance of Trade, Payments, and of the Economy
  • Schilder, First Volume of Development Trends in the World Economy
  • Hildebrand, The Shattering, etc.
  • P. Tafel, The North American Trusts, etc.
  • Note on K. Kautsky Versus Imperialism
  • E. Agahd, Big Banks and the World Market
  • Ballod, Statistics
  • Otto, German Overseas Banks
  • Diouritch, The Expansion of German Banks Abroad
  • Kaufmann, French Banks
  • Hegemann, French Banks
  • Hulftegger, The Bank of England
  • Jaffé, British Banks
  • Mehrens, French Banks
  • Wallich, Concentration of German Banks
  • Zollinger (International Balance-Sheet) and Neymarck
  • Taylor, Shop Management
  • Seubert, The Taylor System in Practice
  • Gilbreth, Motion Study
  • Jeidels, Relation of the German Big Banks to Industry
  • Stillich and World Economy. A Note
  • Extracts from Die Bank [2]
  • Remarks ((on Finance Capital in General))
  • Tschierschky, Cartel and Trust
  • Heymann, Combined Enterprises
  • On the Question of Imperialism
Notebook “γ” (“GAMMA”)
  • Contents
  • Hoeniger, Economic Significance of the German Armed Services
  • Théry, Economic Europe
  • Notes on Books by Montesquiou and Estève and on an Article by Revere
  • Lescure, Savings in France
  • Hishida, The International Position of Japan as a Great Power
  • References from English Sources and Conrad's Jahrbücher
  • Patouillet, American Imperialism
  • Source References on American Imperialism in Patouillet
  • Moos, “French Credit Institutions and French and English Capital Investments Abroad”
  • Kouznietsow, The Struggle of Civilisations and Languages in Central Asia
  • Recent Literature Cited in Conrad's Jahrbücher
  • Louis Bruneau, Germany in France
  • Bibliographical References from Conrad's Jahrbücher
  • Lysis, Against the Financial Oligarchy in France
  • Notes on Books by Macrosty, Baumgarten and Meszleny, and Berglund
  • Hubert, The German Effort
  • Bérard, Britain and Imperialism
  • Lair, German Imperialism
  • Briefs, The Alcohol Cartel
  • Goldschmidt, Concentration in the German Coal Industry
  • Russier, The Partition of Oceania
  • Vogelstein, Capitalist Forms of Organisation in Modern Big Industry
  • Plan of the Book Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism
  • Additions to the Plan of the Book
  • Plans of Separate Chapters of the Book
  • General Plan and Variations of Chapter Headings
  • Tonnelat, German Expansion Outside Europe
  • Driault, Political and Social Problems
  • Colson, The Economic Organism and Social Disorder
  • Redslob, Dependent Countries
  • Notes for Articles “The `Disarmament' Slogan” and “The Military Programme of the Proletarian Revolution”
  • On Zak's Book Germans and German Capital in Russian Industry
  • Paul Louis, Outline of Imperialism
  • Hill, History of Diplomacy in the International Development of Europe
  • Morris, The History of Colonisation
Notebook “δ” (“DELTA”)
  • Contents
  • Steffen, World War and Imperialism
  • Oppenheimer, British Imperialism
  • Henger, French Capital Investments
  • Kautsky, 1914 and 1915 (on Imperialism, War, and Social-Democracy)
  • Ischchanian, Foreign Elements in the Russian National Economy
  • Pannekoek, “State Expenditure and Imperialism”
Notebook “ε” (“EPSILON”)
  • Contents
  • Capital Invested Abroad
  • Foreign Capital Investments: Arndt
  • Source References
  • The Economist on the War
  • Arguments of the Social-Patriots
  • The Daily Telegraph, November 17, 1914
  • Population and Area of the Belligerent and Non-Belligerent Countries
  • The Economist and The Daily Telegraph on the War
  • Bibliographical Notes and Source References
  • Coal and Iron
  • Trade Union Leaders
Notebook “ζ” (“ZETA”)
  • Contents
  • Harms, World Economy
  • Supan, Territorial Development of European Colonies and Hübner's Geographical-Statistical Tables
  • Mutual Accusations
  • “Engineering War”
  • Junius, The Crisis of Social-Democracy
  • “The Socialists and Peace”
  • Items in Le Temps
  • Brauer on German “Defeatists”
  • Articles and Notes in Le Temps
  • “American Arms Suppliers”
  • The Daily Telegraph, April 22 and 23, 1915
  • Articles by Hugo Böttger in Der Tag
  • "The Objects of the War”, Article in The Economist
  • Journal de Genève, April 7, 1915
  • Lloyd George on £4,000,000,000
Notebook “η” (“ETA”)
  • Contents
  • K.~Kautsky, The National State, etc
  • Lensch, German Social-Democracy and the World War
  • Article by O. B. “European Alliance of States?”
  • Finance Capital in Russia
  • Barron's Book on the War
  • Lenz on Modem War
Notebook “θ” (“THETA”)
  • Contents
  • Hilferding, Finance Capital
  • The Electric Trust
  • Statistics of Issues
  • Riesser, German Big Banks and Their Concentration
Notebook “ι” (“IOTA”)
  • Contents
  • Liefmann, Holding and Financing Companies
  • Die Neue Zeit, 1911 (on War N.B.) and 1912 (Inter Alia, on a United States of Europe)
  • Finanz-Archiv: 1915
  • Statistics of Issues. Eggenschwyler. Crohn (on Argentina)
  • Walter Zollinger, Balance-Sheet of International Transfers of Securities
  • Calmes, “Recent Literature on Capital Investment”
  • Article by Paish in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, January 1911
  • Mülhaupt, The Milk Cartel
  • Capitalist Associations on the War
  • Crammond, Great Britain and Germany
  • Sale, Japan Versus Great Britain
  • Article: “Financial Arrangements and the War Debts of Europe”
Notebook “κ” (“KAPPA”)
  • J. A. Hobson, Imperialism


  • Contents
  • Sembat, Either Peace or a King
  • List of Quotations from Schulze-Gaevernitz's British Imperialism
  • Schulze-Gaevernitz, British Imperialism


  • Contents
  • Schwarz, Financial Systems of the Great Powers
  • Vorwärts No. 103, April 13, 1916
  • Calwer, An Introduction to the World Economy
  • Bulletin of the International Statistical Institute
  • Bartholomew, Atlas of the World's Commerce
  • Grain in World Trade
  • Railways
  • Die Bank
  • Railway Statistics


  • Contents
  • La Revue politique internationale
  • Plehn, World Politics
  • Wegener, India Today
  • Engels, “Can Europe Disarm?"
  • Marx, Revelations about the Cologne Communist Trial, with an Introduction by Engels
  • Engels, International Articles from the “Volksstaat”
    • Preface, 1894
    • "The Bakuninists at Work”
    • "A Polish Proclamation”
    • "On Social Relations in Russia”
  • Laufenberg, Organisation, War and Criticism
  • Wirth, History of the Modern World
  • Table of Colonial Seizures and Wars
  • Young Egypt Congress
  • Tardieu, France and the Alliances
  • Mévil, From the Frankfurt Peace to the Algeciras Conference
  • Political Handbook
  • Germany and the World War
    • Franke, “The Great Powers in Eastern Asia”
    • Oncken, “Pre-History of the War”
  • Adler, Imperialist Social Policy
  • Siegfried, New Zealand
  • Hoetzsch, Russian Turkestan
  • Socialism in China
  • Nahas, The Economic and Social Position of the Egyptian Fellah
  • Die Neue Zeit, XXX, 1
    • Kautsky, “Mass Action”
    • Link, “Are Savings Banks Charitable Institutions?"
  • Population Estimates


  • Contents
  • Press Excerpts
  • Bernhardi, Germany and the Next War
  • Ruedorffer, Basic Features of Contemporary World Politics
  • Mackay, China, the Middle Republic. Its Problems and Prospects
  • Lucas, Greater Rome and Greater Britain
  • Belger, Social-Democracy After the War
  • Rohrbach, Why This Is a German War
  • Waltershausen, The National Econonic System of Capital Investments Abroad
  • Hennig, World Communication Routes
  • Helfferich, National Welfare in Germany
  • Cromer, Ancient and Modern Imperialism


  • Contents
  • Schmoller's Jahrbuch, 1915, No. 1
  • Marx, Article of 1878 on the International and Remarks on the Self-Determination of Nations
  • The Basle Manifesto and the Chermitz Resolution
  • Die Gleichheit, August 5, 1914
    • “War Against War”
    • “Proletarian Women, Be Prepared!"
    • “Political Survey”
  • Delbrück, Government and the People's Will
  • Volksstimme (Chemnitz)
    • "Against Both Juniuses”
    • “Quite Correct!"
  • Bremer Bürger-Zeitung
    • “The I.S.D. and the Internationale Group”
    • Henke, “Not Identical, But the Same”
    • “Yet Another Periodical in Bremen”
  • Literature on the Militia
  • Lensch on the Militia (1912)
  • Engels on the Working Class in England
  • Bürkli, “Democratisation of Our Army System”
  • Kautsky 1910 and 1912
    • Kautsky, “The Copenhagen Congress”
    • Kautsky, “Once More on Disarmament”
  • Kautsky on Religion
  • Socialists and Negroes in America
  • Source References
  • Debs
  • Italian and Polish Workers in Switzerland
  • The Labour Movement in Canada
  • Lissagaray, History of the 1871 Commune
  • Monopoly and Technique
  • Lensch, Social-Democracy, Its End and Its Successes
  • Perrin de Boussac, On the Colonial Army and Labour Bibliography
  • Chemnitz Volksstimme
    • “Betrayal of the Party Is Betrayal of the Nation"
  • Leipziger Volkszeitung
    • Party Affairs
  • Marx on France's War for Freedom (January 1871), on Ireland, and on the Coming War (1874)
  • Ulbricht, Nationality and Imperialism
  • "Epochs” of Modern History
  • Der Kampf Magazine
    • Adler and Renner
    • Hilferding (Kautskyite Views)
  • Engels and Marx on the English Workers
  • Kautsky, “Patriotism, War, and Social-Democracy”
  • Bauer, The National Question and Social-Democracy
  • Grumbach, The Mistake of Zimmerwald-Kienthal
  • Engels, Letters to Serge
  • Die Glocke Magazine
    • Ernst Heilmann, “The Heart of the Dispute”
  • Liebknecht and Marx (Letter to Liebknecht, 1878)
  • The Japanese and the Chauvinism of the American Workers
  • Greulich and the Grütlianer
    • Greulich, “Open Letter to the Hottinger Griltil-Verein”
    • "Stones Instead of Bread"
    • "Fundamental Divergence in Appraisal”
    • "No Essential Differences Divide Us!"
    • “The 'Nationalist Chaff' Is Separating from the 'Internationalist Socialist Wheat'"
    • “Notes for a Lecture”
    • “Naturalisation of Foreigners”
    • “Party or Grütli-Verein?"
    • “Trade Unions and the Military Question”
  • Schweizerische Metallarbeiter-Zeitung
    • E. Th. “Survey”
    • “Survey (Another Point of View)"
  • Neue Rheinische Zeitung
  • A Saying of Saint-Simon's
  • Contents
  • Brailsford, The War of Steel and Gold
  • Contents
  • Mehring, “New Contributions to the Biography of Marx and Engels”
  • “Foreign Wage-Reducers and the Attitude of the International”
  • Seeley, The Expansion of England
  • P. Dehn, German Colonial and World Policy
  • Contents
  • Reventlow, German Foreign Policy, 1888-1918
  • Kautsky, Socialism and Colonial Policy
  • Engels, Letter of September 12, 1882
  • Quadflieg, The Russian Policy of Expansion, 1774-1914
  • Egelhaaf, History of Recent Times
  • Chief Crises in the International Policy of the Great Powers After 1870-71
  • Essayed Summary of World History Data After 1870 ((Egelhaaf and Other Sources))
  • Outline of Plan for “Essayed Summary of World History Data After 1870"
  • Distribution of Colonies Among the Imperialist States
  • Contents
  • Demorgny, The Persian Question and the War
  • Jaeger, Persia and the Persian Question
  • Plan of an Article on Syndicates
  • Oil Output and Prices in America
  • Bebel on a War of Germany Against Russia
  • Die Nene Zeit, 1912-13
  • Notes on Defeat of One's Own Country in the Imperialist War
  • Notes for Lecture on “Imperialism and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination”
    • On the National Question
    • Outline of Lecture
    • Theses
    • Imperialism and the Right of Nations to Self- Determination (Outline)
    • Introduction
      • I. The Economic Standpoint
      • II. The Historical Standpoint
      • III. The Political Standpoint
      • IV. The Standpoint of State Frontiers
      • V. The Standpoint of the Proletariat's International Class Struggle
      • VI. “Practical Feasibility”
      • VII. The Military Standpoint
      • VIII. The Struggle Against Social-Chauvinism
      • IX. Comparison with Divorce
      • X. The Case of Weill
      • XI. Attitude of the Liberal Bourgeoisie
      • XII. Experience of the RSDLP .
      • XIII. The Example of Marx and Engels
      • XIV. The Zimmerwald Left “Formula”
    • E. Corradini, Italian Nationalism
    • Nitti, Foreign Capital in Italy
    • R. Liefmann, “Does the War Bring Socialism Nearer?"
    • Conrad's Jahrbücher, 1915, No. 2, August
    • Papers of the Society for Social Policy
    • "Social-Imperialism and Left Radicalism”
    • E. Rappard, Towards National Agreement
    • A Good Summary of Comparative Figures
    • A. B. Hart, The Monroe Doctrine
    • Eug. Philippovich, “Monopolies”
    • Journal de Genève, April 18, 1916
    • Potassium Consumption in Various Countries
    • Archiv für Sozialwissenschaft und Sozialpolitik
    • Imperialism and the Split in Socialism
      • Plan of Article
      • Concerning the Definition of Imperialism
      • Plan Variant
    • Leuthuer, “Russian National Imperialism”
    • Gazeta Robotnicza's Theses on Imperialism and National Oppression (Summary)
    • Imperialism and the Attitude Towards It
    • Plan of an Article on Kautskyism
    • Fragment of an Article
    • Literature Lists
    • Lenin's Request Cards at the Zurich Cantonal Library