Lenin Collected Works/Volume 24

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April, 1917

The Tasks of the Proletariat in the Present Revolution (April Theses)
How We Arrived
Two Worlds
Notes for an Article or Speech in Defence of the April Theses
The Dual Power
Letters on Tactics
The Tasks of the Proletariat in Our Revolution Draft Platform for the Proletarian Party
  • The Class Character of the Revolution That Has Taken Place
  • The Foreign Policy of the New Government
  • The Peculair Nature of the Dual Power and its Class Significance
  • The Peculiar Nature of the Tactics Which Follow From the Above
  • Revolutionary Defencism and its Class Significance How Can the War be Ended?
  • A New Type of State Emerging From Our Revolution
  • The Agrarian and National Programmes
  • Nationalisation of the Banks and Capitalist Syndicates
  • The Situation Within the Socialist International
  • The Collapse of the Zimmerwald International---The Need for Founding a Third International
  • What Should Be the Name of Our Party--One That Will Be Correct Scientifically and Help to Clarify the Mind of the Proletariat Politically?
  • Postscript
Political Parties in Russia and the Tasks of the Proletariat
Speech Delivered at a Meeting of Soldiers of the Izmailovsky Regiment April 10 (23), 1917
A Shameless Lie of the Capitalists
The War and the Provisional Government
In the Footsteps of Russkaya Volya
A Partnership of Lies
Banks and Ministers
An Important Exposure
To the Soldiers and Sailors
Against the Riot-Mongers
Citizens! See What Methods the Capitalists of All Countries Are Using!
A “Voluntary Agreement” Between Landowners and Peasants?
An Honest Voice in a Chorus of Slanderers
The Soldiers and the Land
The Petrograd City Conference of the RSDLP (Bolsheviks)
  • 1. Report on the Present Situation and the Attitude Towards the Provisional Government, April 13 (27)
  • 2. Concluding Remarks in the Debate Concerning the Report on the Present Situation, April 14 (27)
  • 3. Two Remarks During the Debate on the Resolution Concerning the Attitude Towards the Provisional Government, April 15 (28)
  • 4. Resolution on the Attitude Towards the Provisional Government
  • 5. Two Remarks During the Debate on the Question of the Municipal Elections, April 22 (May 5)
  • 6. Resolution on the Municipal Question
  • 7. Draft Resolution on the Attitude Towards the Parties of the Socialist-Revolutionaries, the Menshevik Social-Democrats, the “Non-Faction” Social-Democrats and other Kindred Political Trends
  • 8. Draft Resolution on the War
Congress of Peasants' Deputies
On the Return of the Emigrants
Our Views. A Reply To The Resolution Of the Executive Commission Of The Soviet Of Soldiers’ Deputies
How They Tied Themselves to the Capitalists
A Proletarian Militia
Resolution of the Central Committee of the RSDLP (Bolsheviks) of April 20 (May 3), 1917 on the Crisis Caused by the Provisional Government's Note of April 18 (May 1), 1917
Appeal to the Soldiers of All the Belligerent Countries
The Provisional Government's Note
A Basic Question A Line of Argument Used by Socialists Who Have Gone Over to the Bourgeoisie
Icons Versus Cannons, Phrases Versus Capital
The Logic of Citizen V. Chernov
Mr. Plekhanov's Futile Attempts to Extricate Himself
Resolution of the Central Committee of the RSDLP (Bolsheviks) Adopted April 21 (May 4), 1917
Honest Defencism Reveals Itself
Mad Capitalists or Weak-Minded Social-Democrats?
The Advice or Order of Shingaryov, and the Advice of a Local Soviet
Resolution of the Central Committee of the RSDLP (Bolsheviks) Adopted in the Morning of April 22 (May 5), 1917
Lessons of the Crisis
How a Simple Question Can Be Confused
“Disgrace” as the Capitalists and the Proletarians Understand It
Interview Given to E. Torniainen April 23 (May 6), 1917
Foolish Gloating
The Seventh (April) All-Russia Conference of the RSDLP(b)
  • 1. Speech Delivered at the Opening of the Conference (April 24)
  • 2. Report on the Current Situation (April 24)
  • 3. Speech Winding Up the Debate on the Report on the Current Situation (April 24)
  • 4. Speech on the Proposal to Call An International Socialist Conference (April 25)
  • 5. Resolution on Borgbjerg's Proposal
  • 6. Speech on the Attitude Towards The Soviets (April 25 — Brief Press Report)
  • 7. Draft Theses to the Resolution on the Soviets 8. Speech In Favour of the Resolution on the War (April 27)
  • 9. Resolution on the War
  • 10. Resolution on the Attitude Towards the Provisional Government
  • 11. Report on the Question of Revising the Party Programme (April 28)
  • 12. Resolution on the Question of Revising the Party Programme (April 28)
  • 13. Report on the Agrarian Question (April 28)
  • 14. Rejoinder to N. S. Angarsky During the Debate on the Agrarian Question (April 28)
  • 15. Resolution on the Agrarian Question (April 29)
  • 16. Resolution on Uniting the Internationalists Against the Petty-Bourgeois Defencist Bloc
  • 17. Resolution on the Soviets of Workers and Soldiers' Deputies
  • 18. Speech on the National Question (April 29)
  • 19. Resolution on the National Question
  • 20. Speech on the Situation Within the International and the Tasks of the RSDLP(b) (April 29)
  • 21. Speech In Favour of the Resolution on the Current Situation (April 29)
  • 22. Resolution on the Current Situation
  • 23. Concluding Speech at the Close of the Conference (April 29)

May, 1917

Introduction to the Resolutions of the Seventh (April) All-Russia Conference of the RSDLP(b)
The Significance of Fraternisation
What the Counter-Revolutionary Steps of the Provisional Government Lead To
Social-Chauvinists and Internationalists
I. G. Tsereteli and the Class Struggle
The “Crisis of Power”
Finland and Russia
A Letter to the Editors (May 15, 1917)
Defence of Imperialism Cloaked with Deceptive Phrases
An Unfortunate Document
Frightening the People with Bourgeois Terrors
On the Eve
They Have Forgotten the Main Thing
Mandate to Deputies of the Soviet Elected at Factories and Regiments
Class Collaboration With Capital, or Class Struggle Against Capital?
A Strong Revolutionary Government
Titbits for the “Newborn” Government
Already the “New” Government is Lagging Behind Even the Peasant Mass, Leave Alone the Revolutionary Workers
Stealing a March on the Workers
An Open Letter to the Delegates to the All-Russia Congress of Peasants’ Deputies
The “Virtual Armistice”
Secrets of Foreign Policy
One of the Secret Treaties
Ministerial Tone
In Search of a Napoleon
Nothing Has Changed
A Regrettable Deviation From the Principles of Democracy
On the Question of Convening an International, So-Called Socialist Conference Jointly with the Social-Chauvinists
Speech at a Meeting at the Putilov Works May 12 (25), 1917
The Proletarian Party at the District Council Elections
Statements About the War Made By Our Party Before the Revolution
Impending Debacle
War and Revolution
Despicable Methods
Inevitable Catastrophe and Extravagant Promises
The Question of Uniting the Internationalists
Combating Economic Chaos By a Spate of Commissions
One More Departure From Democratic Principles
How the Capitalists Are Trying to Scare the People
One More Crime of the Capitalists
Still More Lies
A Letter to the Editors (May 18, 1917)
Has Dual Power Disappeared?
On the “Unauthorised Seizure” of Land
Materials Relating to the Revision of the Party Programme
  • Preface to the Pamphlet
  • Proposed Amendments to the Doctrinal, Political and Other Sections of the Programme
  • Comments on the Remarks Made by the Committee of the April All-Russia Conference
  • Draft of Revised Programme
First All-Russian Congress of Peasants' Deputies
  • Draft Resolution on the Agrarian Programme (May 17, 1917)
  • Speech on the Agrarian Programme (May 22, 1917)
Parties in the Petrograd District Council Elections
Two Shortcomings
Resolution on Measures to Cope with Economic Disorganisation
A Deal With the Capitalists or Overthrow of the Capitalists?
The Chain Is No Stronger Than Its Weakest Link
The Capitalists Must Be Exposed
Reports on the Economic Debacle
“Sleight of Hand” and Unprincipled Politicians
The Dark Forces Are For the Cadets, the Mensheviks and Narodniks Are in One Government With the Cadets
The Shameful Menshevik-Narodnik Bloc with Yedinstvo
Counter-Revolution Takes the Offensive (“Jacobins without the People”)
A Question of Principle ("Forgotten Words" of Democracy)
For Lack of a Clean Principled Weapon They Snatch at a Dirty One
Meeting of the Petrograd Committee of the RSDLP (Bolsheviks)
The Harm of Phrase-Mongering
Capitalist Mockery of the People
Letter to the District Committees of the Petrograd Organisation of the RSDLP (Bolsheviks)
Speech Made at the First Petrograd Conference of Shop Committees May 31 (June 13), 1917

June, 1917

Infamy Justified
The Petty-Bourgeois Stand on the Question of Economic Disorganisation
A Mote in the Eye
It Is Undemocratic, Citizen Kerensky!
Bolshevism and “Demoralisation” of the Army
The Laugh Is On You!