Lenin Collected Works/Volume 16

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The Liquidators Exposed15
On the Open Letter of the Executive Committee of the Moscow Regional Committee23
The Election in St. Petersburg A Comment24
The Faction of Supporters of Otzovism and God-Building 29
Once More on Partyism and Non-Partyism62
A Word to the Bolsheviks of St. Petersburg65
Note to the Article “The St. Petersburg Election”76
Draft Resolution on the Consolidation of the Party and of Its Unity77
Speech at the Meeting of the International Socialist Bureau on the Split in the Dutch Social-Democratic Labour Party From the Report in the “Bulletin” of the I.S.B.78
The Tsar Against the Finnish People79
To Pupils of the Capri School82
A Shameful Fiasco85
Some Sources of the Present Ideological Discord87
Methods of the Liquidators and Party Tasks of the Bolsheviks95
Golos Sotsial-Demokrata and Cherevanin103
The Bourgeois Press Fable About the Expulsion of Gorky106
Ideological Decay and Disunity Among Russian Social-Democrats107
Explanatory Note on the Draft of the Main Grounds of the Bill on the Eight-Hour Working Day110
Letter to I. I. Skvortsov-Stepanov117
Concerning Vekhi 123
The Last Word of Russian Liberalism132
The Eleventh Session of the International Socialist Bureau140
The Vperyod Group
  • A Conspectus


Towards Unity147
Golos (Voice) of the Liquidators Against the Party
  • Reply to Golos Sotsial-Demokrata
What to Fight For?165
The Campaign Against Finland171
They are Nervous About the Army176
Party Unity Abroad185
One of the Obstacles to Party Unity189
To the Central Committee of the RSDLP191
Notes of a Publicist
  • I. The “Platform” of the Adherents and Defenders of Otzovism
  • II. The “Unity Crisis” in Our Party
    1. Two Views on Unity
    2. “The Fight on Two Fronts” and the Overcoming of Deviations
    3. The Terms of Unity and Sectarian Diplomacy
    4. Paragraph I of the Resolution on the State of Affairs in the Party
    5. The Significance of the December (1908) Resolutions and the Attitude of the Liquidators to Them
    6. The Group of Independent-Legalists
    7. Pro-Party Menshevism and Its Evaluation
    8. Conclusion. The Platform of the Bolsheviks
The Jubilee Number of Zihna260
Draft Resolution on Co-Operative Societies from the Russian Social-Democratic Delegation at the Copenhagen Congress265
To the International Socialist Bureau on the Representation of the RSDLP267
The Vperyod Faction268
The Question of Co-Operative Societies at the International Socialist Congress in Copenhagen275
How Certain Social-Democrats Inform the International About the State of Affairs in the RSDLP284
Announcement on the Publication of Rabochaya Gazeta287
The Lessons of the Revolution296
Two Worlds305
The Demonstration on the Death of Muromtsev A comment314
Is This the Turn of the Tide?320
L. N. Tolstoy323
To the Comrades Studying at the School in Bologna328
L. N. Tolstoy and the Modern Labour Movement330
An Open Letter to All Pro-Party Social-Democrats333
Differences in the European Labour Movement 345
Tolstoy and the Proletarian Struggle353
The Beginning of Demonstrations355
What is Happening in the Countryside?359
Ivan Vasilyevich Babushkin
  • An Obituary
To the Central Committee365
Heroes of “Reservation”368
The Historical Meaning of the Inner-Party Struggle in Russia 374
Strike Statistics in Russia 393
The Capitalist System of Modern Agriculture
  • First article
  • I. A General Picture of the Economic System of Modern Agriculture
  • II. The Real Nature of the Majority of Modern Agricultural “Farms” (Proletarian “Farms")
  • III. Peasant Farms Under Capitalism
  • IV. Labour of Women and Children in Agriculture
  • V. Squandering of Labour in Small-Scale Production
  • VI. The Capitalist Character of the Use of Machinery in Modern Agriculture
  • VII. The Low Productivity of Labour in Small-Scale Production and Excessive Work