Lenin Collected Works/Volume 4

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On the Question of Our Factory Statistics
(Professor Karyshev's New Statistical Exploits)
Book Review: A. Bogdanov. A Short Course of Economic Science
Moscow, 1897. Publ. A. Murinova's Bookshop. 290 pp. Price 2 rubles
A Note on the Question of the Market Theory
(Apropos of the Polemic of Messrs. Tugan-Baranovsky and Bulgakov)


Book Review: Parvus. The World Market and the Agricultural Crisis
Economic Essays. Translated from the German by L. Y., St. Petersburg, 1898. Publ. O. N. Popova (Educational Library, Series 2, No. 2). 142 pp. Price 40 kopeks.
Book Review: R. Gvozdev. Kulak Usury, Its Social and Economic Significance
St. Petersburg, 1899. Publ. N. Garin
Book Review: Commercial and Industrial Russia
Handbook for Merchants and Factory Owners. Compiled under the Editorship of A. A. Blau, Head of the Statistical Division of the Department of Commerce and Manufactures. St. Petersburg, 1899. Price 10 rubles
Once More on the Theory of Realisation
Book Review: Karl Kautsky. Die Agrarfrage
Eine Übersicht über die Tendenzen der modernen Landwirtschaft und die Agrarpolitik u.s.w. Stuttgart, Diets, 1899
Book Review: J. A. Hobson. The Evolution of Modern Capitalism
Translated from the English. St. Petersburg, 1898. Publ. O. N. Papova. Price I rb. 50 kop.
Capitalism in Agriculture
(Kautsky's Book and Mr. Bulgakov's Article)
Reply to Mr. P. Nezhdanov
A Protest by Russian Social-Democrats
Book Review: S. N. Prokopovich. The Working-Class Movement in the West
Book Review: Karl Kautsky. Bernstein und das sozialdemokratische Programm. Eine Antikritik
Articles for “Rabochaya Gazeta”
A Draft of Our Party Programme
A Retrograde Trend in Russian Social-Democracy
Apropos of the Profession de Foi
Factory Courts
On Strikes


Draft of a Declaration of the Editorial Board of Iskra and Zarya
How the “Spark” Was Nearly Extinguished
Draft Agreement
Declaration of the Editorial Board of Iskra
Preface to the Pamphlet, May Days in Kharkov
The Urgent Tasks of Our Movement
The War in China
The Split in the Union of Russian Social-Democrats Abroad
Note of December 29, 1900


Casual Notes
The Drafting of 183 Students Into the Army
The Workers' Party and the Peasantry