Lenin Collected Works/Volume 18

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The Fourth Duma Election Campaign and the Tasks of the Revolutionary Social-Democrats
The Liquidators Against the Party
In Memory of Herzen
Landownership in European Russia
The Trudoviks and the Worker Democrats
Political Parties in Russia
A Questionnaire on the Organisations of Big Capital
The Essence of “The Agrarian Problem in Russia”
Some Conclusions to be Drawn from the Pre-Election Mobilisation
Economic and Political Strikes
The Problem of Resettlement
The Revolutionary Upswing
The Slogans of the All-Russia Conference of the RSDLP in January 1912 and the May Day Movement
The Liquidators Oppose Revolutionary Mass Strikes
The Nature and Significance of Our Polemics Against the Liberals
Capitalism and “Parliament”
The Elections and the Opposition
The Significance of the St. Petersburg Elections
A Comparison of the Stolypin and the Narodnik Agrarian Programmes
The Situation in the RSDLP and the Immediate Tasks of the Party
A Reply to the Liquidators
In Switzerland (July 12, 1912)
Democracy and Narodism in China
The Italian Socialist Congress
“Freedom of Speech” in Russia
How P. B. Axelrod Exposes the Liquidators
The Results of Six Months’ Work
The Present Situation in the RSDLP
  • To the Executive Committee of the German Social-Democratic Party
    • The Situation in the RSDLP since January 1912
    • What Is the Relation of the Hitherto Neutral Russian Social-Democrats to the So-called Organising Committee?
    • The Social-Democratic Group in the Third Duma.
    • Officially Verifiable Data on the Influence of the Liquidators Compared with That of the Party Open and Verifiable Data on the Links of the Liquidators and the Party with the Mass of the Workers in Russia
    • Conclusion
  • Postscript
Original Postscript to the Pamphlet The Present Situation in the RSDLP
Capitalism and Popular Consumption
Liberals and Clericals
Cadets and Democrats
The Liberal Campaign
Revolts in the Army and Navy
On the Eve of the Elections to the Fourth Duma
Can the Slogan “Freedom of Association” Serve as a Basis for the Working-Class Movement Today?
Letter to the Swiss Workers
Questions of Principle
The Last Valve
A Little Explanation
Workers’ Earnings and Capitalist Profits in Russia
The Strike Movement and Wages
The Working Day in the Factories of Moscow Gubernia
The Working Day and Working Year in Moscow Gubernia
In Britain
Concentration of Production in Russia
A Career
To the Secretariat of the International Socialist Bureau
The Cadets and the Agrarian Question
A Poor Defence
The Liquidators and “Unity”
A Talk on “Cadet-Eating”
The Workers and Pravda
Before and Now
The International Congress of Judges
In Switzerland (August 31, 1912)
The Priesthood and Politics
Yet Another Anti-Democratic Campaign
The Unity of the Cadets and Novoye Vremya
Concerning N. S. Polyansky's Letter
The Political Line
The Successes of the American Workers
The End of the Italo-Turkish War
A Game of Chance
The Priesthood in the Elections, and Elections with the Priesthood
Mr. Milyukov's “Position”
Deputy of the St. Petersburg Workers
The Balkan Peoples and European Diplomacy
The Fox and the Hen-Coop
A Disgraceful Resolution
Two Utopias
Debates in Britain on Liberal Labour Policy
A Cadet Professor
A New Chapter of World History
Cadets and Nationalists
The Horrors of War
The Cadets and the Big Bourgeoisie
Truly Russian Morals
The Platform of the Reformists and the Platform of the Revolutionary Social-Democrats
The Illegal Party and Legal Work
The Social Significance of the Serbo-Bulgarian Victories
Regenerated China
The Results and Significance of the U.S. Presidential Elections
The “Vexed Questions” of Our Party
  • The “Liquidationist” and “National” Questions
Concerning Certain Speeches by Workers’ Deputies
Concerning the Workers' Deputies to the Duma and Their Declaration
Concerning the Event of November 15
  • An Undelivered Speech
A Letter to J. V. Stalin (December 11, 1912)
A Letter to J. V. Stalin (December 6, 1912)
The Disease of Reformism
Impoverishment in Capitalist Society
The Working Class and its “Parliamentary” Representatives
The “Reconciliation” of the Nationalists and Cadets
The National-Liberals
On the Attitude to Liquidationism and on Unity
  • Theses


Notification and Resolutions of the Cracow Meeting of the Central Committee of the RSDLP and Party Functionaries
  • Notification
  • Resolutions
    • The Revolutionary Upswing, the Strikes, and the Tasks of the Party
    • Building the Illegal Organisation
    • The Social-Democratic Group in the Duma
    • Illegal Literature
    • The Insurance Campaign
    • The Attitude to Liquidationism, and Unity
    • Non-Russian Social-Democratic Organisations
The British Labour Movement in 1912
Better Late Than Never
The Development of Revolutionary Strikes and Street Demonstrations
Original Postscript to the Article “The Development of Revolutionary Strikes and Street Demonstrations”
The Split Among the Polish Social-Democrats
On Bolshevism
The Significance of Poincare’s Election
The Briand Cabinet
Results of the Elections
  • I. Manipulating the Elections
  • II. The New Duma
  • III. Changes within the June Third System
  • IV. What Was the Issue in the Elections?
  • V. The Election Slogans Tested by Experience
  • VI. “End” of the Illusions about the Cadet Party VII. Concerning an “Enormous Danger to the Land ownership of the Nobility”
  • VII. Concerning an “Enormous Danger to the Landownership of the Nobility”
  • VIII. Covering Up the Defeat
Experience Teaches
New Democrats
On Narodism
To the Social-Democrats
  • The Mass of the Workers and the Underground.
In the World of the Azefs
The Bourgeoisie and Reformism
Apropos of the Open Party
Mobilisation of Peasant Lands
A Word About Strikes
Russians and Negroes
A Discovery
The British Labour Party Conference
Constitutional Illusions Shattered
Thank You for Your Frankness
The Question of Unity
What Goes On Among the Narodniks and What Goes On in the Countryside
An Increasing Discrepancy
  • Notes of a Publicist
  • Some Results of the “Land Distribution” Policy
    The Historical Destiny of the Doctrine of Karl Marx
    Big Landlord and Small Peasant Landownership in Russia
    False Notes
    “The Crux of the Matter”
    Liberal Embellishment of Serfdom
    A “Scientific” System of Sweating
    Our “Achievements”
    Agreement or Split?
    • Concerning the Differences Within the Social-Democratic Duma Group
    “Spare Cash”