Lenin Collected Works/Volume 20

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Critical Remarks on the National Question
  1. Liberals and Democrats on the Language Question
  2. “National Culture”
  3. The Nationalist Bogey of “Assimilation”
  4. “Cultural-National Autonomy”
  5. The Equality of Nations and the Rights of National Minorities
  6. Centralisation and Autonomy
Once More About the International Socialist Bureau and the Liquidators
National-Liberalism and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination
Narodism and Liquidationism as Disintegrating Elements in the Working-Class Movement
Comment on Kautsky's Letter
Novoye Vremya and Rech on the Right of Nations to Self-Determination
A Letter to the Editor


Four Thousand Rubles a Year and a Six-Hour Day
Is a Compulsory Official Language Needed?
To Camille Huysmans
The Purpose of Zemstvo Statistics
Book Review: Labour Protection Exhibits at the All-Russia Hygiene Exhibition in St. Petersburg in 1913. St. Petersburg 1913. Pp. 78. Price not indicated.
The Liberals' Corruption of the Workers
Letter to the Editor
The Liquidators' Leader on the Liquidators' Terms of “Unity”
A Contribution to the History of the National Programme in Austria and in Russia
A Highborn Liberal Landlord on the “New Zemstvo Russia”
Narodism and the Class of Wage-Workers
More About “Nationalism”
The Peasantry and Hired Labour
Mr. Struve on the Need to “Reform the Government”
The Narodniks on N. K. Mikhailovsky
Concerning A. Bogdanov
Editorial Comment on Veteran's Article: “The National Question and the Lettish Proletariat”
Preface to the Symposium: Marxism and Liquidationism
Political Disputes Among the Liberals
The “Labouring” Peasantry and the Trade in Land
What Is Worrying the Liberals
Narodniks and Liquidators in the Trade Union Movement
  • (A Valuable Admission)
Pious Wishes
A Liberal Professor on Equality
The British Liberals and Ireland
The Taylor System—Man's Enslavement by the Machine
A “Responsible Opposition” and the Participation of the Constitutional-Democrats in the March 1 Conference
The Break-Up of the “August” Bloc
Capitalism and the Press
A Radical Bourgeois on the Russian Workers
Political Lessons
The National Equality Bill
  • A Bill for the Abolition of All Disabilities of the Jews and of All Restrictions on the Grounds of Origin or Nationality
Farm Labourers' Wages
The Lettish Workers and the Split in the Social-Democratic Group in the Duma
The “August” Fiction Exposed
Socialism Demolished Again
Forms of the Working-Class Movement
  • (The Lockout and Marxist Tactics)
  • The Left Narodniks Whitewash the Bourgeoisie
    On the Question of National Policy
    Constitutional Crisis in Britain
    Unity (April 12, 1914)
    Organised Marxists on Intervention by the International Bureau
    National Equality
    The Liquidators and the Lettish Working-Class Movement
    Serf Economy in the Rural Areas
    From the History of the Workers' Press in Russia
    What Should Not Be Copied from the German Labour Movement
    Book Review: N. A. Rubakin, Among Books, Vol. II. Nauka Publishers, Moscow, 1913. Price 4 rubles. Second Edition.
    Liquidationism Defined
    Concluding Remarks to the Symposium Marxism and Liquidationism
    More About the Political Crisis
    The Ideological Struggle in the Working-Class Movement
    Bill on the Equality of Nations and the Safeguarding of the Rights of National Minorities
    “Neighbouring Squires”
    The Narodniks and “Factional Coercion”
    Corrupting the Workers with Refined Nationalism
    The Political Situation
    Workers' Unity and Intellectualist “Trends”
    The Left Narodniks
    The Liquidators and Malinovsky's Biography
    Two Paths
    Plekhanov, Who Knows Not What He Wants
    The Estimates of the Ministry of Agriculture
    Unity (May 30, 1914)
    A Fool's Haste Is No Speed
    Disruption of Unity Under Cover of Outcries for Unity
    1. “Factionalism”
    2. The Split
    3. The Break-up of the August Bloc
    4. A Conciliator's Advice to the “Seven”
    5. Trotsky's Liquidationist Views
    Book Review: I. Drozdov, The Wages of Farm Labourers in Russia in Connection with the Agrarian Movement in 1905-06
    Clarity Has Been Achieved

    Class-Conscious Workers, Please Note

    1. The Programme and the National Question
    2. The Decision of 1908
    3. The 1910 Decision
    4. “Trends”
    The Liquidators and the Decisions of the Lettish Marxists
    The Working Class and Its Press
    Left-Wing Narodism and Marxism
    The Agrarian Question in Russia
    The Political Significance of Vituperation
    • (On the Question of Unity)
    Objective Data on the Strength of the Various Trends in the Working-Class Movement
    How Strong is the Left-Narodnik Trend Among the Workers
    The Right of Nations to Self-Determination
    1. What Is Meant by the Self-Determination of Nations?
    2. The Historically Concrete Presentation of the Question
    3. The Concrete Features of the National Question in Russia, and Russia's Bourgeois-Democratic Reformation
    4. “Practicality” in the National Question
    5. The Liberal Bourgeoisie and the Socialist Opportunists in the National Question
    6. Norway's Secession from Sweden
    7. The Resolution of the London International Congress, 1896
    8. The Utopian Karl Marx and the Practical Rosa Luxemburg
    9. The 1903 Programme and Its Liquidators
    10. Conclusion
    The Bourgeois Intelligentsia's Methods of Struggle Against the Workers
    1. The Liquidators' and the Narodniks' Alliance Against the Workers
    2. How the Liberals Defend “Unity” Between the Workers and the Liquidators
    3. Why the Workers' Organisations Publicly Denounced the Liquidators as Slanderers?
    The Vperyodists and the Vperyod Group
    Editorial Comment on Ocksen Lola's “Appeal to the Ukrainian Workers”
    Report of the CC of the RSDLP to the Brussels Conference and Instructions to the CC Delegation
    How the Workers Responded to the Formation of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Group in the Duma
    • What Is Shown by the Activities of the Two Groups During the First Quarter
    Clarity First and Foremost!
  • (On the Question of Unity)
    1. People Holding Two Opinions
    The Results of Workers' Press Day Summed Up
    • From the Report Published in “Put Pravdy”
    • St. Petersburg
    The Polish Social-Democratic Opposition at the Parting of the Ways
    Reply to the Article in Leipziger Volkszeitung