Lenin Collected Works/Volume 40

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I. Plans And Outlines of Works On the Agrarian Question[edit source]

Plan of “The Agrarian Question And the 'Critics of Marx'"
Contents Of “The Agrarian Question And the 'Critics of Marx'"
Contents Of Chapters V-IX of “The Agrarian Question And the 'Critics of Marx'"
Marxist Views of The Agrarian Question In Europe And Russia. Outline of Lectures
  • First Variant
  • Second Variant
The Agrarian Programme of the Socialist-Revolutionaries And of the Social-Democrats. Outline of Lecture
  • First Variant
  • Second Variant
  • Plans and Outlines of Concluding Speech
    • Preliminary Plan
    • Summary of Preliminary Plan
  • Resumé of Lecture
    • Plan of Lecture Resumé
    • Resumé of Lecture
  • The Peasantry And Social-Democracy

    II. Critique of Bourgeois Literature And Analysis of Massive Agrarian Statistics[edit source]


    Critical Remarks on S. Bulgakov's Book, Capitalism And Agriculture, Vols. I and II, Published In 1900
    Plan of Objections to Bulgakov's Book
    Critical Remarks on the Works of S. Bulgakov and F. Bensing
    Critical Analysis of F. Hertz's Book, The Agrarian Questions In Relation to Socialism
    • Plans of Objections to F. Hertz's Book
    Analysis of Data From O. Pringsheim's Article, “Agricultural Manufacture and Electrified Agriculture
    Critical Remarks on E. David's Article, “The Peasant Barbarians”
    Analysis of Data From M. Hecht's Book, Three Villages In the Hard Of Baden
    Analysis of Material From H. Auhagen's Article, “On Large- And Small-Scale Production In Agriculture”
    Critical Remarks on K. Klawki's Article, “The Competitive Capacity of Small-Scale Production In Agriculture”
    Brase And Others
    • a. Analysis of Data from Brase's Article, “Study of the Influence of Farm Debt on Farming”
    • b. Bibliographical Notes and Annotations
    Critical Remarks on A. Souchon's Book, Peasant Property
    Critical Remarks on F. Maurice's Book, Agriculture And the Social Question. Agricultural And Agrarian France
    Remarks on A. Chlapowo-Chlapowski's Book, Agriculture In Belgium In the 19th Century
    Remarks on the Material of the Baden Inquiry
    Remarks on M. E. Seignouret's Book, Essays On Social and Agricultural Economics
    From German Agrarian Statistics
    Analysis of Data From the Book, Agricultural Statistics of France. General Results of the 1892 Decennial Inquiry
    Summarised Data On Farms In Germany, France, Belgium, Britain, U.S.A. and Denmark From the Censuses of the 1880s and 1890s
    From the Dutch Agricultural Inquiry of 1890
    Remarks on E. Stumpfe's Works
    • A. An Analysis of Data from Stumpfe's Article, “On the Competitiveness of Small and Medium Land Holdings as Compared with Large Land Holdings”
    • B. Remarks on E. Stumpfe's Book, Small Holdings and Grain Prices
    Remarks on G. Fischer's Work, The Social Importance of Machinery In Agriculture
    Note On P. Turot's Book, Agricultural Inquiry 1866-1870
    Remarks on H. Baudrillart's Book, The Agricultural Population of France. Part III. The Population of The South
    Remarks on É. Coulet's Book, The Syndicalist and Co-Operative Movement In French Agriculture. The Agricultural Federation
    Remarks on G. Rouanet's Article, “On the Danger And the Future of Agricultural Syndicates”
    Analysis of Data From Nossig's Book, Revision of Socialism. Vol. II. The Contemporary Agrarian Question
    Critical Remarks On E. David's Book, Socialism And Agriculture
    Extracts From the Book, Hand And Machine Labor
    Analysis of L. Huschke's Data (On Small-Scale Agriculture)

    III. Material For A Study of the Capitalist Economy of Europe And The United States[edit source]


    German Agrarian Statistics (1907)
    Plan For Processing the Data of the German Agricultural Census of June 12, 1907
    Danish Statistics
    Austrian Agricultural Statistics
    Remarks on Schmelzle's Article, “Distribution of Rural Land Holdings, Its Influence On the Productivity And Development of Agriculture”
    Remarks on E. Laur's Book, Statistical Notes on the Development of Swiss Agriculture Over the Last 25 Years
    Remarks on E. Jordi's Book, The Electric Motor In Agriculture
    Capitalism And Agriculture In The United States Of America
    • Outline of Introduction. American Agricultural
    • Censuses
    • Variants of Plan
    • Variants of Title
    • Extracts from Different Variants
    • Variants of Contents
    Remarks on American Agricultural Statistics
    American Agricultural Statistics