Lenin Collected Works/Volume 13

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Against Boycott
  • Notes of a Social-Democratic Publicist
In Memory of Count Heyden
  • What Are Our Non-Party “Democrats” Teaching the People?
Theses of a Report Made at the St. Petersburg City Conference of July 8 on the Attitude of the Social-Democratic Labour Party to the Third Duma
The Third Conference of the RSDLP (Second All-Russian)
  1. Draft Resolution on Participation in the Elections to the Third Duma
  1. Outline of a Draft Resolution on the All-Russian Congress of Trade Unions
Notes of a Publicist
The International Socialist Congress in Stuttgart (Proletary)
The International Socialist Congress in Stuttgart (Kalendar dlya vsekh, 1908)
Preface to the Collection Twelve Years
Revolution and Counter-Revolution
The Third Duma
On Plekhanov’s Article
Conference of the St. Petersburg Organisation of the RSDLP From a Newspaper Report
  • Report on the Third State Duma
  • Resolution on the Third State Duma
  • Report on the Participation of Social-Democrats in the Bourgeois Press
  • The Fourth Conference of the RSDLP (“Third All-Russian”)

    From a Newspaper Report

    1. Report on the Tactics of the Social-Democratic Group in the Third State Duma
    2. Resolution on the Tactics of the Social-Democratic Group in the Third State Duma
    The Preparation of a “Disgusting Orgy”
    But Who Are the Judges?
    Preface to the Pamphlet by Voinov (A. V. Lunacharsky) on the Attitude of the Party Towards the Trade Unions
    The Agrarian Question and the “Critics of Marx”
    • X. The “Work” of the German Bulgakov, E. David
    • XI. Livestock in Small and Large Farms
    • XII. The “Ideal Country” from the Standpoint of the Opponents of Marxism on the Agrarian Question
    The Agrarian Programme of Social-Democracy in the First Russian Revolution, 1905-1907
  • Chapter I. The Economic Basis and Nature of the Agrarian Revolution In Russia
    1. Landownership in European Russia
    2. What Is the Struggle About?
    3. The Cadet Writers Obscure the Nature of the Struggle
    4. The Economic Nature of the Agrarian Revolution and its Ideological Cloaks
    5. Two Types of Bourgeois Agrarian Evolution
    6. Two Lines of Agrarian Programmes in the Revolution
    7. Russia's Land Area. The Question of the Colonisation
    8. Summary of the Economic Deductions of Chapter I
    • Chapter II. The Agrarian Programmes of the RSDLP and Their Test in the First Revolution
    1. What Was the Mistake in the Previous Agrarian Programmes of Russian Social-Democracy?
    2. The Present Agrarian Programme of the RSDLP
    3. The Chief Argument of the Municipalisers Tested by Events
    4. The Agrarian Programme of the Peasantry
    5. Medieval Landownership and the Bourgeois Revolution
    6. Why Had the Small Proprietors in Russia to Declare in Favour of Nationalisation?
    7. The Peasants and the Narodniks on the Nationalisation of Allotment Land
    8. The Mistake Made by M. Shanin and Other Advocates of Division
    • Chapter III. The Theoretical Basis of Nationalisation and of Municipalisation
    1. What Is Nationalisation of the Land?
    2. Pyotr Maslov Corrects Karl Marx's Rough Notes
    3. Is it Necessary to Refute Marx in Order to Refute the Narodniks?
    4. Is the Repudiation of Absolute Rent Connected with the Programme of Municipalisation?
    5. Criticism of Private Landownership from the Standpoint of the Development of Capitalism
    6. The Nationalisation of the Land and “Money” Rent
    7. Under What Conditions Can Nationalisation Be Brought About?
    8. Does Nationalisation Mean Transition to Division?
    • Chapter IV. Political and Tactical Considerations in Questions of the Agrarian Programme
    1. “A Guarantee Against Restoration”
    2. Local Self-Government as a “Bulwark Against Reaction”
    3. The Central Authority and the Consolidation of the Bourgeois State
    4. The Scope of the Political and of the Agrarian Revolutions
    5. A Peasant Revolution Without the Conquest of Power by the Peasantry?
    6. Is Land Nationalisation a Sufficiently Flexible Method?
    7. Municipalisation of the Land and Municipal Socialism
    8. Some Examples of the Muddle Caused by Municipalisation
    • Chapter V. Classes and Parties in the Debate on the Agrarian Question in the Second Duma
    1. The Rights and the Octobrists
    2. The Cadets
    3. The Right Peasants
    4. The Non-Party Peasants
    5. The Narodnik Intellectuals
    6. The Trudovik Peasants (Narodniks)
    7. The Socialist-Revolutionaries
    8. The “Nationals”
    9. The Social-Democrats
    • Conclusion
    • Postscript


    The Debate on the Extension of the Duma’s Budgetary Powers
    Postscript to the Article “The Debate on the Extension of the Duma’s Budgetary Powers”
    Political Notes
    Statement of the Editors of Proletary
    A Letter to A. M. Gorky
    The New Agrarian Policy
    Trade-Union Neutrality
    The Happening to the King of Portugal
    Lessons of the Commune
    A Police-Patriotic Demonstration Made to Order
    Deception of the People by the Liberals
    An Estimate of Marx by International Liberalism