Lenin Collected Works/Volume 11

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On the Eve15
Wavering Above, Determination Below17
The Duma and the People24
The Fight for Power and the “Fight” for Sops27
The Declaration of Our Group in the Duma32
“What Thou Doest, Do Quickly”38
Useful Polemics40
Famine Relief and the Tactics of the Duma43
Negotiations About the Cabinet48
Among Newspapers and Periodicals (June 23, 1906)50
Who Is for Alliances With the Cadets?53
The Cadet Duma Grants Money to the Pogrom-Mongers' Government60
Yes-Men of the Cadets64
Once Again About the Duma Cabinet69
Among Newspapers and Periodicals (June 29, 1906)74
The Unsound Arguments of the “Non-Party” Boycotters77
The Bourgeoisie's Censures and the Proletariat's Call for Action83
The Army and the People85
Among Newspapers and Periodicals (July 2, 1906)88
Organisation of the Masses and Choice of the Moment for Struggle90
Among Newspapers and Periodicals (July 4, 1906)94
A Bold Assault and a Timid Defence96
The Parties in the Duma and the People101
Conspiracies of Reaction and Threats of the Pogrom-Mongers105
The Dissolution of the Duma and the Tasks of the Proletariat 109
Dispatch of a Delegation to Sveaborg
  • Resolution of the Executive Commission of the St. Petersburg Committee of the RSDLP
Before the Storm133
The Boycott141
The Political Crisis and the Bankruptcy of Opportunist Tactics 150
The Events of the Day167
A “Labour Congress”170
Lessons of the Moscow Uprising171
Vacillating Tactics179
The Government's Policy and the Coming Struggle184
Hands Off!189
The Guerrilla Action of the Polish Socialist Party194
Union of the Bund with the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party195
Socialist-Revolutionary Mensheviks197
A New Coup D'État in Preparation207
Guerrilla Warfare 213
The Question of Guerrilla Warfare224
An Attempt at a Classification of the Political Parties of Russia225
Notes on Sotsial-Demokrat, No. 1232
The Russian Radical is Wise After the Event236
The Results of the Cadet Congress241
Philistinism in Revolutionary Circles246
Martov's and Cherevanin's Pronouncements in the Bourgeois Press
  • Lies Spread by L. Martov Through the Columns of the Bourgeois Press
  • Martov and Cherevanin
  • Social-Democrats and Bourgeois Newspapers
On Convening an Extraordinary Party Congress264
How History is Written...267
Postscript to the Article: “The Social-Democrats and the Election Campaign”271
The Social-Democrats and Electoral Agreements 275
A Dissenting Opinion Recorded at the All-Russian Conference of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party by the Social-Democratic Delegates from Poland, The Lettish Territory, St. Petersburg, Moscow, The Central Industrial Region and The Volga Area299
Draft Election Address302
Blocs With the Cadets307
Party Discipline and the Fight Against the Pro-Cadet Social-Democrats320
How the Armavir Social-Democrats are Conducting Their Election Campaign324
Whom to Elect to the State Duma
  • What Are the Three Chief Parties?
    • Whose Interests Do the Three Chief Parties Defend?
    • What Do the Three Chief Parties Strive For?
    • What Kind of Freedom Do the Three Chief Parties Wan to Give the People?
    • How Do the Three Chief Parties Regard the Peasants' Demand for Land?
    • What Can the Three Chief Parties Achieve if Their Whole Struggle is Successful?
  • Social-Democrats and the Trudovik Parties
    • Which Parties Claim to Defend the Interests of the Working Class and All Working People?
    • Whose Interests Do These Parties Actually Defend?
    • How Steadfast Are These Parties in the Grea World-wide Struggle of Labour Against Capital
    • What Can These Parties Achieve by Completely Fulfilling Their Ultimate Aims?
    • What Kind of Freedom for the People Are These Parties Trying to Achieve in the Presen Revolution?
    • What Is the Attitude of These Parties to the Peasants' Demand for Land?
The New Senate Interpretation332
The Crisis of Menshevism 341
The Proletariat and its Ally in the Russian Revolution365
Concerning an Article Published in the Organ of the Bund376
The Government's Falsification of the Duma and the Tasks of the Social-Democrats383
The Political Situation and the Tasks of the Working Class389
The Working-Class Party's Tasks and the Peasantry396
Preface to the Russian Translation of W. Liebknecht's Pamphlet: No Compromises, No Electoral Agreements401
Preface to the Russian Translation of K. Kautsky's Pamphlet: The Driving Forces and Prospects of the Russian Revolution408
The Attitude of the Bourgeois Parties and of the Workers' Party to the Duma Elections414
Plekhanov and Vasilyev419
The Workers' Party Election Campaign in St. Petersburg426
The Social-Democrats and the Duma Elections
  • The Social-Democrats and the Elections in St. Petersburg
    • I. The Conditions Under Which the Social-Democratic Conference Was Convened, and Its Composition
    • II. The Question of Dividing the Conference
    • III. What Is the Significance of the Menshevik Walk-out at the Conference?
    • IV. The Political Parties and the Forthcoming Elections in St. Petersburg
  • Postscript
“When You Hear the Judgement of a Fool... .” From the Notes of a Social-Democratic Publicist456