Lenin Collected Works/Volume 19

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🛈 The following two titles were not in the English version of this or any volume of the LCW. This translation was done specially by MIA from the Russian edition.

Comments on Rosa Luxemburg’s book Accumulation of Capital
Rosa Luxemburg’s Unsuccessful Addition to Marx’s Theory

The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism
Big Achievement of the Chinese Republic
Old Problems and the Senile Decay of Liberalism
The “Oil Hunger”
The Cadet Assembly Bill
The Balkan War and Bourgeois Chauvinism
Contemporary Russia and the Working-Class Movement A Newspaper Report
Educated Deputies
“Who Stands to Gain?”
In Britain (The Sad Results of Opportunism)
Civilised Europeans and Savage Asians
Merchant Accountancy
A Great Technical Achievement
A Few Words on Results and Facts
Significance of the Resettlement Scheme
Vekhi Contributors and Nationalism (Bibliographical Note)
The Liberals and Freedom for the Unions
For the Attention of Luch and Pravda Readers
Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Death of Joseph Dietzgen
The Bourgeoisie and Peace
The Awakening of Asia
Separatists in Russia and Separatists in Austria
The Resettlement Scheme Again
The Working Class and the National Question
British Socialist Party Conference
Is the Condition of the Peasants Improving or Worsening?
Backward Europe and Advanced Asia
A Discreditable Role! (Once More for the Attention of Luch and Pravda Readers)
The Land Question Settled—Landowner Fashion
Armaments and Capitalism
Helplessness and Confusion (Note)
Draft Platform for the Fourth Congress of Social-Democrats of the Latvian Area
  • Appraisal of the Political Situation and the General Tactical Tasks of the Social-Democrats.
  • The Question of the Unity of the RSDLP
  • Attitude to the Liquidators
  • The Question of Support for the Liquidators' Conference and Organising Committee by the Central Com mittee of the Social -Democratic Party of the Latvian Area
  • The National Question
Liberal and Marxist Conceptions of the Class Struggle Note
Factory Owners on Workers' Strikes
An Incorrect Appraisal (Luch on Maklakov)
Frank Speeches by a Liberal
The Question of Ministry of Education Policy (Supplement to the Discussion on Public Education)
Controversial Issues An Open Party and the Marxists
  • I. The Decision of 1908
  • II. The Decision of 1910
  • III. The Attitude of the Liquidators to the Decisions of 1908 and 1910
  • IV. The Class Significance of Liquidationism
  • V. The Slogan of “Struggle for an Open Party”
  • VI. [notitle]
Letter to M. S. Olminsky (Vitimsky)
The Question of Mr. Bogdanov and the Vperyod Group (For the Editors of Pravda)
Has Pravda Given Proof of Bundist Separatism?
Liberals as Defenders of the Fourth Duma
The Question of the (General) Agrarian Policy of the Present Government
Capitalism and Taxation
Economic Strikes in 1912 and in 1905
The Growth of Capitalist Wealth
The Peasantry and the Working Class
Child Labour in Peasant Farming
The Results of Strikes in 1912 as Compared with Those of the Past
In Australia
May Day Action by the Revolutionary Proletariat
Notes of a Publicist (June 15, 1913)
Apropos of One Untruth (Letter to the Editors)
The Working Class and NeoMalthusianism
Liberal Appeals to Support the Fourth Duma
Bourgeois Financial Magnates and Politicians
Theses on the National Question
Instructive Speeches
Pictures From Life
The Adjourned Duma and the Embarrassed Liberals
Fifth International Congress Against Prostitution
Word and Deed
Cadets on the Question of the Ukraine
Fresh Data on German Political Parties
Exposure of the British Opportunists
The Ideas of an Advanced Capitalist
What Can be Done for Public Education
Petty Production in Agriculture
A “Fashionable” Branch of Industry
Dead Liquidationism and the Living Rech
Mobilisation of Allotment Lands
How Can per Capita Consumption in Russia be Increased?
August Bebel
The Separation of Liberalism from Democracy
A Fine Business!
The Nationalisation of Jewish Schools
Iron on Peasant Farms
Metalworkers' Strikes in 1912
The Russian Bourgeoisie and Russian Reformism
The Role of Social Estates and Classes in the Liberation Movement
Class War in Dublin
New Land “Reform” Measures
The Merchant Salazkin and the Writer F. D.
The Struggle for Marxism
A Week After the Dublin Massacre
Questions of Principle in Politics The Liberal Bourgeoisie and Reformism
Liberals and Democrats on the Language Question
The Language of Figures
Bourgeois Gentlemen on “Family” Farming
Harry Quelch
Marxism and Reformism
The Land Question and the Rural Poor
How Does Bishop Nikon Defend the Ukrainians?
Notes of a Publicist (September 13, 1913)
  • I. Non-Party Intellectuals Against Marxism
  • II. Liberal Blindness
  • III. A Necessary Explanation
Civilised Barbarism
The Black Hundreds
Russian Government and Russian Reforms
How Vera Zasulich Demolishes Liquidationism
Resolutions of the Summer, 1913, Joint Conference of the Central Committee of the RSDLP and Party Officials
  • The Tasks of Agitation in the Present Situation
  • Resolution on the Organisational Question and On the Party Congress
  • The Strike Movement
  • The Party Press
  • Social-Democratic Activities In the Duma
  • The Social-Democratic Group In the Duma
  • Work In Legal Associations
  • Resolution on the National Question
  • The Narodniks
There's a Trudovik For You!
Bewildered Non-Party People
The Liberals and the Land Problem in Britain
A Weak Defence of a Weak Case
The Duma “Seven”
The Liberal Bourgeoisie and the Liquidators
Capitalism and Workers' Immigration
Material on the Conflict Within the Social-Democratic Duma Group
  • Whose Will?
  • What Is the Will of the Majority of the Class-Conscious Workers of Russia?
  • What Did the Elections to the Second, Third and Fourth Dumas Reveal Concerning the Will of the Proletariat?
  • Who Are the Deputies?
  • What Is the Will of the Workers as Shown by Workers' Newspapers in Russia?
  • What Is the Will of the Workers as Shown by Collections for Workers' Newspapers?
  • What Is the Will of the Workers as Shown by the St. Petersburg Trade Unions?
  • Ideological Unity
  • The Liquidators and the Bourgeoisie
  • Decision of the United Marxists
  • Our Work Within the Duma Group
  • What Do the Six Demand?
  • Unity Inside and Outside the Duma
  • A Cadet Property-Owner Argues “According to Marx”
    The Working-Class Masses and the Working-Class Intelligentsia
    The Split in the Russian Social-Democratic Duma Group
    The Left Narodniks on the Controversies Among the Marxists
    The Agrarian Question and the Present Situation in Russia (Notes of a Publicist)
    Two Methods of Controversy and Struggle
    Would-Be “Uniters”
    A Letter to S. G. Shahumyan
    “Cultural-National” Autonomy
    Coteries Abroad and Russian Liquidators
    The Cadet Maklakov and the Social-Democrat Petrovsky
    The Question of Bureau Decisions
    Working-Class Unity
    A Stubborn Defence of a Bad Case
    The Cadets and “The Right of Nations to Self-Determination”
    A Good Resolution and a Bad Speech
    The Nationality of Pupils in Russian Schools
    Strikes in Russia
    The National Programme of the RSDLP
    Kautsky's Unpardonable Error
    Once More on the Segregation of the Schools According to Nationality
    Mr. Gorsky and a Certain Latin Proverb
    The Marx-Engels Correspondence
    1. General Reiew