Lenin Collected Works/Volume 15

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On to the Straight Road
On the “Nature” of the Russian Revolution
Marxism and Revisionism
On the Beaten Track!
A Bloc of the Cadets and the Octobrists?
The Assessment of the Russian Revolution
Cadets of the Second Generation
The Agrarian Question in Russia Towards the Close of the Nineteenth Century
Some Features of the Present Collapse
The Agrarian Programme of Social-Democracy in the Russian Revolution
  • Autoabstract
Inflammable Material in World Politics
From the Editorial Board of the Proletary
Bellicose Militarism and the Anti-Militarist Tactics of Social-Democracy
Leo Tolstoy as the Mirror of the Russian Revolution
British and German Workers Demonstrate for Peace
The Student Movement and the Present Political Situation
Events in the Balkans and in Persia
Meeting of the International Socialist Bureau
P. Maslov in Hysterics
Some Remarks on the “Reply” by P. Maslov
The Assessment of the Present Situation
How Plekhanov and Co. Defend Revisionism
Two Letters
The Agrarian Debates in the Third Duma
The Fifth (All-Russian) Conference of the RSDLP

December 21-27, 1908 (January 3-9, 1909)

  1. Draft Resolution on the Present Moment and the Tasks of the Party
  2. Directives for the Committee on Questions of Organisation
  3. Practical Instructions on Voting for the Budget by the Social-Democratic Group in the Duma
  4. Addendum to the Resolution on “The Social-Democratic Group in the Duma”
  5. Statement by the Bolsheviks. Statement of Facts


How the Socialist-Revolutionaries Sum Up the Revolution and How the Revolution has Summed Them Up
On the Road
On the Article “Questions of the Day”
The Aim of the Proletarian Struggle in Our Revolution
To the Executive Committee of the German Social-Democratic Labour Party
A Caricature of Bolshevism
The “Leftward Swing” of the Bourgeoisie and the Tasks of the Proletariat
The Attitude of the Workers' Party to Religion
Classes and Parties in Their Attitude to Religion and the Church
Conference of the Extended Editorial Board of Proletary (June 8-17 (21-30), 1909)
  • Report on the Conference of the Extended Editorial Board of Proletary
  • Speech on the Question of the Tasks of the Bolsheviks in the Party, June 11 (24)
  • Speech and Draft Resolution on the Tasks of the Bolsheviks in Relation to Duma Activity
  • Resolutions of the Conference of the Extended Editorial Board of Proletary
  1. On Otzovism and Ultimatumism
  2. The Tasks of the Bolsheviks in the Party
  3. Agitation for a Bolshevik Congress or Bolshevik Conference Separate from the Party
  4. The Party School Being Set Up Abroad at X—
  5. The Breakaway of Comrade Maximov
The Liquidation of Liquidationism
The Tsar Visits Europe and Members of the Black-Hundred Duma Visit England
M. Lyadov's Letter to Proletary
A Letter to the Organisers of the Party School on Capri
Draft Letter of the Bolshevik Centre to the Council of the School on Capri
A Letter to Comrades Julius, Vanya, Savely, Ivan, Vladimir, Stanislav and Foma, Students at the Capri Party School