Lenin Collected Works/Volume 22

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New Data on the Laws Governing the Development of Capitalism in Agriculture
  1. General Characteristic of the Three Main Sections. The Homestead West
  2. The Industrial North
  3. The Former Slave-Owning South
  4. Average Size of Farms, “Disintegration of Capitalism” in the South
  5. The Capitalist Nature of Agriculture
  6. Areas of the Most Intensive Agriculture
  7. Machinery and Hired Labour in Agriculture
  8. Displacement of Small by Big Enterprises. Quantity of Improved Land
  9. Continued. Statistics on the Value of Farms
  10. Defects of Conventional Methods of Economic Analysis. Marx on the Peculiarities Of Agriculture
  11. A More Exact Comparison of Small and Large Enterprises
  12. Different Types of Enterprises in Agriculture
  13. How the Displacement of Small-Scale by Large-Scale Production in Agriculture is Minimised
  14. The Expropriation of the Small Farmers
  15. A Comparative Picture of Evolution in Industry and Agriculture
  16. Summary and Conclusions
Preface to N. Bukharin's Pamphlet, Imperialism and the World Economy103


Opportunism and the Collapse of the Second International108
Draft Resolution on the Convocation of the Second Socialist Conference121
For the Conference to Be Held on April 24, 1916 (Proposal of the Delegation)122
Speech Delivered at an International Meeting in Berne, February 8, 1916123
The Tasks of the Opposition in France (Letter to Comrade Safarov)127
Have the Organising Committee and the Chkheidze Group a Policy of Their Own?131
Peace Without Annexations and the Independence of Poland as Slogans of the Day in Russia137
Wilhelm Kolb and George Plekhanov141
The Socialist Revolution and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination (Theses)143
Letter from the Committee of Organisations Abroad to the Sections of the RSDLP157
The Peace Programme161
Proposals Submitted by the Central Committee of the RSDLP to the Second Socialist Conference169
Split or Decay?180
German and Non-German Chauvinism182
Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism (A Popular Outline) 185
The Junius Pamphlet305
The Discussion On Self-Determination Summed Up320