Lenin Collected Works/Volume 33

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New Times and Old Mistakes in a New Guise21
The Central Statistical Board30
Letter to the Editors of Ekonomicheskaya Zhizn36
Purging the Party39
Tasks of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Inspection and How they are to be Understood and Fulfilled42
To the Presidium Of The Eighth All-Russia Congress of Electrical Engineers49
Fourth Anniversary of the October Revolution51
The New Economic Policy And the Tasks of the Political Education Departments
  • Report To The Second All-Russia Congress of Political Education Departments (October 17, 1921)
Seventh Moscow Gubernia Conference of the Russian Communist Party (October 29-31, 1921) 81
The Importance of Gold Now And After the Complete Victory of Socialism109
Speech at a Meeting of the Prokhorov Textile Mills Workers, Held to Mark The Fourth Anniversary of the October Revolution (November 6, 1921) 117
Speech at a Meeting of Working Men And Women, Red Army Men And Young People of Kijamovniki District, Moscow, Held to Mark the Fourth Anniversary of the October Revolution (November 7, 1921) 118
Speech at a Workers’ Meeting At the Elektrosila Plant No. 3 (Formerly Dynamo Plant) to Mark the Fourth Anniversary of the October Revolution (November 7, 1921) 120
Preface to the Pamphlet; the Problem of the New Economic Policy (Two Old Articles And A Still Older Postscript)121
Telegram to Narimanov, Chairman of the Council of People’S Commissars Of Azerbaijan124
A Capably Written Little Book125
Memo to J. V. Stalin With the Draft Decision of the Political Bureau of The CC, RCP(b) on the Formation of A Federation of Transcaucasian Republics127
Speech at the First Moscow Gubernia Agricultural Congress (November 29, 1921) 128
The Theses on the Agrarian Question Adopted By the Communist Party Of France131
Letter to P. A. Zalutsky, A. A. Solts and all members of the Political Bureau Re the party purge and the conditions of admission into the party138
Letter to the Political Bureau Re the Resolution of the Ninth All-Russia Congress of Soviets on the International Situation139
Ninth All-Russia Congress of Soviets141
British Labour Party Policy182
Role and Functions of the Trade Unions Under the New Economic Policy184
Draft Directive of the Political Bureau on the New Economic Policy197
To the Working People Of Daghestan199
Letter to G. K. Orjonikidze on the Strengthening of the Georgian Red Army200
Letter to D. I. Kursky With Notes on the Draft Civil Code202
Notes of a Publicist204
The International and Domestic Situation of the Soviet Republic212
On the Significance of Militant Materialism227
To Comrade Molotov For the Members of the Political Bureau; Re: Comrade Preobrazhensky’s theses237
Memo to G. Y. Zinoviev With the Draft of the Soviet Government’s Reply to E. Van Dervelde243
Preface to I. I. Stepanov’s the Electrification of the RSFSR and the Transitional Phase of World Economy245
Letter to Joseph Stalin On the Functions of the Deputy Chairmen of the Council of People's Commissars and of the Council of Labour and Defence247
Fourth Anniversary of Bednota249
Letter to Molotov for the Plenary Meeting With the Plan of the Political Report For the Eleventh Party Congress251
Conditions for Admiting New Members to the Party Letters to V. M. Molotov254
Eleventh Congress Of The RCP(b) (March 27-April 22, 1922) 259
On The Draft of The Eleventh Party Congress Resolution on Work In The Countryside; Letter to Comrade Osinsky327
We Have Paid Too Much330
Decree on the Functions of the Deputy Chairmen of the Council Of People’s Commissars and of the Council of Labour and Defence335
Letter to J. V. Stalin344
Preface to the Pamphlet Old Articles Or Almost New Subjects345
Telegram to the Workers and Engineers of the Azneft Trust348
On the Tenth Anniversary of Pravda349
Reply to Remarks Concerning the Functions of the Deputy Chairmen of the Council of People’s Commissars353
Draft Decision of the All-Russia Central Executive Committee on the Report of the Delegation to the Genoa Conference356
Letter to D. I. Kursky358
Letters to J. V. Stalin for Members of the Political Bureau of the CC, RCP(b) on the Promotion of Radio Engineering360
“Dual” Subordination and Legality363
A Fly In The Ointment368
Letter to The Fifth All-Russia Congress Of Trade Unions370
Memo Combatting Dominant Nation Chauvinism372
To The Workers Of Baku373
To The Fifth Congress Of The Young Communist League Of Russia374
Letter to J. V. Stalin For Members Of The CC, RCP(b) Re The Foreign Trade Monopoly375
To The All-Russia Congress Of Financial Workers379
To the Society of Friends of Soviet Russia (In the United States)380
To The Society For Technical Aid For Soviet Russia381
Greetings to the Liberated Primorye Territory382
Interview Given to Michael Farbman Observer and Manchester Guardian Correspondent383
Speech at the Fourth Session Of The All-Russia Central Executive Committee Ninth Convocation (October 31, 1922) 390
To Petrogradskaya Pravda396
To Pravda397
To the First International Conference of Communist Co-Operators398
To The All-Russia Congress Of Statisticians399
Interview With Arthur Ransome, Manchester Guardian Correspondent400
To The Non-Party Conference of Women Workers and Peasants of Moscow City and Moscow Gubernia410
To The Workers Of The Former Michelson Plant411
To The Workers And Employees At The State Elektroperedacha Power Station412
To The Workers At The Stodol Cloth Mill In Klintsi413
Fourth Congress Of The Communist International415
Greetings to The All-Russia Agricultural Exhibition433
To the ClartĂŠ Group434
Speech at a Plenary Session the Moscow Soviet (November 22, 1922) 435
To The Presidium Of The Fifth All-Russia Congress Of The Soviet Employees’ Union444
To The Educational Workers’ Congress445
To the Third Congress of the Young Communist International, Moscow446
Notes on the Tasks Of Our Delegation At The Hague447
A Few Words About N. Y. Fedoseyev452
To The All-Ukraine Congress Of Soviets454
Re The Monopoly Of Foreign Trade455
Letter to J. V. Stalin For Members of The CC, RCP(b)460


Pages From A Diary [On Education]462
On Co-operation467
Our Revolution476
How we should reorganise the Workers' and Peasants' Inspection481
Better Fewer, But Better487