Lenin Collected Works/Volume 10

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Our Tasks and the Soviet of Workers' Deputies
  • A Letter to the Editor
The Reorganisation of the Party 29
The Proletariat and the Peasantry40
Party Organisation and Party Literature44
Resolution of the Executive Committee of the St. Petersburg Soviet of Workers' Deputies on Measures for Counteracting the Lock-Out Adopted on November 14 (27), 190550
The Provocation That Failed52
The Armed Forces and the Revolution54
The Scales are Wavering58
Learn From the Enemy60
Revolutionary Office Routine and Revolutionary Action62
The Dying Autocracy and New Organs of Popular Rule66
Socialism and Anarchism (1905)71
The Socialist Party and Non-Party Revolutionism 75
Socialism and Religion83
Resolution on the Agrarian Question Adopted by the “Majority” Conference at Tammerfors
  • December 12-17 (26-30), 1905
The Stages, the Trend, and the Prospects of the Revolution89


The Workers' Party and its Tasks in the Present Situation93
Should We Boycott the State Duma? The Platform of the "Majority”97
The State Duma and Social-Democratic Tactics101
The Present Situation in Russia and the Tactics of the Workers' Party112
The St. Petersburg City Conference of the RSDLP (1)
February 11 (24), 1906
  • Statements Concerning the Validity of the Credentials of the Delegations to the Conference from the Okruzhnoi and Vyborg District Organisations
  • Resolution Against Martov's Proposal to Withdraw the Report of the St. Petersburg Committee
  • Argumentation of Resolution
  • Proposal On the St. Petersburg Committee Report
  • Statement In Support of the Proposal
  • Comment On the Resolution Concerning the Tactics of Boycott
The St. Petersburg City Conference of the RSDLP (2)
Late February (early March) 1906
  • Statements In Defence of the Resolution on the Tactics of Boycott
  • Objections to the Amendments to Points 3 and 6 of the Draft Resolution
  • Statements During the Debate on Points 7 and 8 of the Draft Resolution
  • Written Statement to the Conference Bureau
  • Resolution on the Argumentation of the Boycott Tactics
To All Working Men and Women of the City of St. Petersburg and Vicinity127
Resolution of the St. Petersburg Organisation of the RSDLP on the Tactics of Boycott131
The Russian Revolution and the Tasks of the Proletariat 135
A Tactical Platform for the Unity Congress of the RSDLP
Draft Resolutions
  • The Present Stage of the Democratic Revolution
  • Armed Uprising
  • Fighting Guerrilla Operations
  • The Provisional Revolutionary Government and Local Organs of Revolutionary Authority
  • Soviets of Workers' Deputies
  • Attitude Towards the Bourgeois Parties
  • Attitude Towards the National Social-Democratic Parties
  • The Trade Unions
  • Attitude Towards the State Duma
  • Principles of Party Organisation
Revision of the Agrarian Programme of the Workers' Party
  1. A Brief Historical Survey of the Evolution of Russian Social-Democratic Views on the Agrarian Question
  2. Four Trends Among Social-Democrats on the Question of the Agrarian Programme
  3. Comrade Maslov's Principal Mistake
  4. The Objects of Our Agrarian Programme
  5. Draft Agrarian Programme
Preface to the Russian Translation of K. Kautsky's Pamphlet Social-Democracy Wiped Out!196

The Victory of the Cadets and the Tasks of the Workers' Party

  1. What Was the Objective Significance of Our Participation in the Duma Elections?
  2. The Social and Political Significance of the First Elections
  3. What Is the Party of People's Freedom?
  4. The Role and Significance of a Cadet Duma
  5. A Sample of Cadet Smugness
    Digression. A Popular Talk with Cadet Publicists and Learned Professors
  6. Conclusion
The Unity Congress of the RSDLP April 10 (23)-April 25 (May 8), 1906
  1. Speech in Reply to the Debate on the Agrarian Question
  2. Speech in Reply to the Debate on the Present Situation and the Class Tasks of the Proletariat
  3. Draft Resolution on the State Duma Submitted to the Unity Congress
  4. Co-Report on the Question of the Attitude Towards the State Duma
  5. Speech On the Question of Armed Uprising
  6. Statement In Support of Muratoy's (Morozoy's) Amendment Concerning a Parliamentary Social-Democratic Group
  7. Dissenting Opinion on the Composition of the Parliamentary Group of the RSDLP
  8. Resolution on the Accountability of the Credentials Committee to the Congress
  9. Statement On the Necessity of the Congress Approving the Minutes
  10. Written Statement at the Seventeenth Session of the Congress
  11. Written Statement at the Twenty-First Session of the Congress
  12. Written Statements at the Twenty-Sixth Session of the Congress
An Appeal to the Party by Delegates to the Unity Congress Who Belonged to the Former “Bolshevik” Group310
Report on the Unity Congress of the RSDLP
A Letter to the St. Petersburg Workers
  1. The Composition of the Congress
  2. Election of the Bureau. The Congress Agenda
  3. The Agrarian Question
  4. Appraisal of the Revolutionary Situation and of the Class Tasks of the Proletariat
  5. Attitude Towards the State Duma
  6. Armed Uprising
  7. The End of the Congress
  8. The Congress Summed Up
    Appendix. Material for Appraising the Work of the Unity Congress of the RSDLP
The Fight for Freedom and the Fight for Power383
A New Upswing386
The Congress Summed Up392
The Duma and the People396
Among Newspapers and Periodicals (May 9, 1906)400
The Bolshevik Resolution on the State Duma401
The Workers' Group in the State Duma402
The Question of Organisation406
Speech at a Public Meeting Held in Countess Panina's Palace, May 9 (22), 1906
  1. Brief Report in Nevskaya Gazeta
  2. Brief Report in Volna
Resolution Adopted by the Public Meeting in Countess Panina's Palace, May 9 (22), 1906409
The Peasant, or “Trudovik”, Group and the RSDLP410
The Land Question in the Duma414
Resolution and Revolution418
Neither Land Nor Freedom421
The Social-Democratic Election Victory in Tiflis423
Government, Duma and People426
The Cadets are Preventing the Duma from Appealing to the People430
They Won't Even Bargain!432
The Manifesto of the Workers' Deputies in the State Duma434
The Land Question and the Fight for Freedom436
The Sorry Goremykins, the Octobrists and the Cadets440
Freedom to Criticise and Unity of Action442
Bad Advice444
Talk and Rumours about the Dissolution of the State Duma450
Kautsky on the State Duma452
Cadets, Trudoviks and the Workers' Party455
How Comrade Plekhanov Argues About Social-Democratic Tactics460
Resolution (II) of the St. Petersburg Committee of the RSDLP on the Attitude Towards the State Duma481
The Slogan of a Duma Ministry483
The Present Political Situation485
The Tactics of the Proletariat and the Tasks of the Moment490
The German Social-Democrats on the Cadets494
Among Newspapers and Periodicals (May 31, 1906)499
Let the Workers Decide500
“Don't Gaze Up, Gaze Down!”505
The Reaction is Taking to Arms508
Resolution (III) of the St. Petersburg Committee of the RSDLP on the Question of a Duma Ministry514