Lenin Collected Works/Volume 21

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The Tasks of Revolutionary Social-Democracy in the European War
The European War and International Socialism
The War and Russian Social-Democracy
The Position and Tasks of the Socialist International
Letter to Vorwärts and Wiener Arbeiter-Zeitung
Karl Marx (A Brief Biographical Sketch with an Exposition of Marxism) [Granat encyclopaedia article]
  • Preface
  • I Karl Marx
  • II The Marxist Doctrine
  • III Marx’s Economic Doctrine
  • IV Socialism
  • V Tactics of the Class Struggle of the Proletariat
  • Bibliography
A German Voice on the War
Dead Chauvinism and Living Socialism
  • How the International Can Be Restored
On the National Pride of the Great Russians


What Next?
  • On the Tasks Confronting the Workers’ Parties with Regard to Opportunism and Social-Chauvinism
The Kind of “Unity” Larin Proclaimed at the Swedish Congress
The Russian Brand of Südekum
To the Editors of Nashe Slovo
How the Police and the Reactionaries Protect the Unity of German Social-Democracy
The London Conference
Under a False Flag
The Conference of the RSDLP Groups Abroad
Letter from the Central Committee of the RSDLP to the Editors of Nashe Slovo
What Has Been Revealed By the Trial of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Duma Group
On the London Conference
The Slogan of Civil War Illustrated
The Social-Chauvinists’ Sophisms
The Question of the Unity of Internationalists
Bourgeois Philanthropists and Revolutionary Social-Democracy
The Collapse of Platonic Internationalism
On the Struggle Against Social-Chauvinism
The Collapse of the Second International
British Pacifism and the British Dislike of Theory
How Servility to Reaction is Blended with Playing at Democracy
The Main German Opportunist Work on the War
The Defeat of One's Own Government in the Imperialist War
The State of Affair’s in Russian Social-Democracy
The “Peace” Slogan Appraised
The Question of Peace
Socialism and War
  • Preface to the First (Foreign) Edition
  • Preface to the Second Edition
  • 1 The Principles of Socialism and the War of 1914-1915
  • 2 Classes and Parties in Russia
  • 3 The Restoration of the International
  • 4 The History of the Split and the Present State of Social-Democracy in Russia
On the Slogan for a United States of Europe
On the Slogan for a United States of Europe (Editorial Comment)
  • Editorial Comment By Sotsial-Demokrat On The Manifesto On War Issued By The Central Committee Of The RSDLP
The Draft Resolution of the Left Wing at Zimmerwald
The Voice of an Honest French Socialist
Imperialism and Socialism in Italy
Appeal on the War
We Are Thankful For Such Frankness
To the International Socialist Committee (ISC)
The Defeat of Russia and the Revolutionary Crisis
The First Step
Revolutionary Marxists at the International Socialist Conference, September 5-8, 1915
Kautsky, Axelrod and Martov—True Internationalists
Several Theses
  • Proposed by the Editors
The Revolutionary Proletariat and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination
On the Two Lines in the Revolution
At the Uttermost Limit
Letter to the Secretary of the Socialist Propaganda League
Social-Chauvinist Policy Behind a Cover of Internationalist Phrases
Opportunism, and the Collapse of the Second International