On the Question of Convening an International, So-Called Socialist Conference Jointly with the Social-Chauvinists

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Author(s) Lenin
Written 10 May 1917

Collection(s): Pravda

Izvestia of the Petrograd Soviet published today the Executive Committee’s “Terms of Reference” for the organisation of a commission for convening an international conference. Our Party, among others, is asked to send a representative to the commission. Needless to say, our Party will take no part either in the commission or in any joint conference with so-called socialist ministers who have gone over to their bourgeoisie. This should be well known to anyone who has taken any interest in our Party, or who has read our resolution concerning the state of affairs in the International.

Our Party’s Central Committee unanimously decided a few days ago to send a delegate to the forthcoming Zimmerwald Conference with instructions to immediately walk out of that Conference and withdraw from the Zimmerwald group in the event of the Conference declaring in favour of any association or joint discussion with the social-chauvinists.