Letter to the Editor of Proletarskaya Pravda, December 29, 1913

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Mr. Martov has confirmed the fact already noted in Proletarskaya Pravda that I was not a member of the Strike Subcommittee, and that on the committee I opposed the clause concerning “criminal liability”.[1] I need now only add that I advocated not only “mitigation” of penalties, as Mr. Martov “remembers”, but of course the complete deletion of such a clause. There was no need for me to move any amendments, because the draft then under discussion did not contain any such clause, and it was Mr. F. Dan who unsuccessfully tried to introduce it (even L. Martov found the courage to oppose Mr. F. Dan on that occasion).

  1. ↑ See present edition, Vol. 19, pp. 522–24.—Ed.