The Guerrilla Action of the Polish Socialist Party

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The Guerrilla Action of the Polish Socialist Party” is a note of Lenin’s to the article “From Poland” published in Proletary, No. 3, September 8(21), 1900.

Our Unity Congress undoubtedly rejected all “expropriations”, so that on this score the Polish Socialist Party’s references to the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party are quite irrelevant. Nor is there any doubt that in organising the “action” of August 2 (15) the Polish Socialist Party failed to consider either its expediency, the temper of the masses, or the conditions of the working-class movement. Obviously, all these factors must be taken into account, and this is emphasised in a special paragraph of the Bolshevik draft resolution on guerrilla actions. In our opinion, however, it is the Polish Socialist Party’s distortion of guerrilla tactics that deserves condemnation, not these “tactics” as such. Our Polish Social-Democratic comrades would certainly have approved of such guerrilla action as the wrecking of the Black-Hundred “Tver” inn[1] by the St. Petersburg workers last year.

  1. Tver”—the name of an inn at the Nevskaya Zastava in St. Petersburg which was a meeting place of the Black Hundreds.