Mr. Gorsky and a Certain Latin Proverb

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Mr. Gorsky, in the liquidator newspaper, is continuing to defend the obvious mistake of the seven deputies who adopted the deplorable clause on “criminally-liable actions”. Mr. Gorsky, your wriggling is all in vain! It is no use saying that you are not familiar with F. D.’s draft; you can easily obtain it through the editorial office of your newspaper. Don’t let F. D. play the part of the witness who is “not to be found”. That would be ridiculous.

In vain does Mr. Gorsky assert that Lenin, Zinoviev and Kamenev have “by their silence” accepted responsibility for the draft made by F. D. and his friends. Each of the three writers mentioned would need a staff of ten secretaries and a special newspaper to refute all the nonsense that is uttered in the wide world.

In vain does Mr. Gorsky hide behind the backs of the worst (possible) socialists, who would lessen the penalties for “criminally-liable actions” if they are not abolished altogether. There is a good Latin proverb which says: “It is natural for all men to err; but only a fool persists in his error.

Remember this proverb, Mr. Gorsky and Mr. F. D., and advise the seven deputies to delete the Octobrist clause on “criminally-liable actions” from their bill!