Among Newspapers and Periodicals (May 31, 1906)

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Author(s) Lenin
Written 31 May 1906

Vperyod, No. 5, May 31, 1906. Published according to the Vperyod text.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1965, Moscow, Volume 10, page 499.
Collection(s): Vperyod
Keywords : Kadet, Duma, Russia

In Rech, No. 86, Mr. P. Milyukov sums up “the first month’s work of the Duma”.

Speaking generally, writes this worthy author,

“all that we have cited here in proof of the enormous success of the activities of the Duma during the one month it has been in existence represents an imponderable magnitude.”

Nevertheless, the “first month’s work of the Duma” has also produced fairly “ponderable” results—at all events in prospect.

“When Le Temps abroad, and Novoye Vremya in St. Petersburg, demand a ’Cadet’ Ministry, everybody knows what this means.”

Perhaps it is going a bit too far, Mr. Milyukov, to say that “everybody knows”; but there is no doubt that today very, very many people already know “what this means We are compelled to beg of the Cadet gentlemen once again: “That thou doest, do quickly !"Then, Mr. Milyukov, everybody will indeed know “what this means”.