Report on the Convocation of the Congress of Workers' Associations

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Recendy, a number of its members has resigned from the district committee of the Democratic Associations of the Rhine Province, and simultaneously die Workers’ Association here has announced its wididrawal from the Union of Rhenish Democratic Associations.[1] This step is due to the conviction that, in view of the heterogeneous elements in the Associations in question, diere is litde to be expected from them diat would be advantageous for the interests of the working class or the great mass of the people.

The more urgent, dierefore, is it firmly to unite the homogeneous elements, and to bring about vigorous cooperation of all the Workers’ Associations.

As the first measure for this purpose, die Workers’ Association here considers it necessary to set up a provisional committee of all the Workers’ Associations of the Rhine Province and Westphalia, and it appoints the undersigned as members of this committee with die task of undertaking the necessary steps to achieve the above-mentioned aim.

The provisional committee herewidi invites all Workers’ Associations and all other associations which, although hidierto not bearing this name, nevertheless resolutely support the principles of social democracy, to send delegates to a provincial congress to be held on the first Sunday of next month (May 6).[2]

The subjects on the agenda will be:

1. Organisation of the Rhenish-Westphalian Workers’ Associations;

2. Election of delegates to the General Congress of All German Workers’ Associations to be held in the month of June in Leipzig;

3. Discussion and formulation of the proposals to be sent with the delegates to the Congress in Leipzig.

Delegates elected to the preliminary Congress to be held here are requested to report their arrival, furnished with their mandates, not later than 10 a.m. on May 6 here at Simon’s hotel Kranz in the Altenmarkt.

Cologne, April 24, 1849

K. Marx (absent), W. Wolff, K. Schapper,

F. Anneke, C. J. Esser, Otto

N. B. It is requested that communications by letter should be addressed to Karl Schapper, President of the Workers’ Association, Unter Hutmacher No. 17.

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