From the Theatre of War, March 23, 1849

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The news from the theatre of war is not very noteworthy today. Jellachich has returned to Pest, after having been defeated, according to the Magyar report, by the Hungarians at Jasz-Bereny. One thousand wounded are said to have already arrived at Ofen. Schlick, too, is still in Ofen. The Magyar report continually declares that Görgey has invaded Slovakia with 30,000 men and occupied the hill towns (though for the time being we are regarding this as a Pest extravagance).

In the Földvar region, there were 2,000 Honveds[1] and 6,000 peasant insurgents. The ships sent there with the troops returned, however, already on the following day, without having accomplished anything. Mounted bands of rebels are swarming right up to the outskirts of Pest (Constitutionelles Blatt aus Böhmen).

The Austrian Minister Schwarzenberg and the ex-Finance Minister Kilbeck are said to be in Pest, to settle the affair of the Hungarian banknotes. (Magyar report.)

The report of a victory of the Serbs at Theresiopel and of the capture of this town has now been transformed into news of their defeat and the admission that the Magyars have now occupied in addition to Szegedin Theresiopel as well. Great agitation reigns in Syrmien, as among all the Southern Slavs.

  1. Honved — literally: defender of the homeland; the name given to the Hungarian revolutionary army of 1848-49, which was set up by the decision of the Hungarian revolutionary Government on May 16, 1848, to form ten battalions of Honveds.