Dictatorship of the proletariat

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 Texts with keyword "Dictatorship of the proletariat"AuthorDate
A Contribution To The History Of The Question Of The DictatorshipLeninOct 1920
Achievements and Difficulties of the Soviet GovernmentLeninJan 1919
Critique of the Gotha ProgramKarl MarxApr 1875
Draft (or Theses) of the RCP’s Reply to the Letter of the Independent Social-Democratic Party of GermanyLeninMar 1920
Draft Theses on the Role and Functions of The Trade Unions Under the New Economic PolicyLeninDec 1921
Economics And Politics In The Era Of The Dictatorship Of The ProletariatLeninOct 1919
Eighth Congress of the RCP(b)LeninMar 1919
First Congress of the Communist InternationalLeninMar 1919
Forward to “Deception of the People with Slogans of Freedom and Equality”LeninJun 1919
Greetings To Italian, French and German CommunistsLeninOct 1919
Greetings to the Hungarian WorkersLeninMay 1919
How to Defend OurselvesLeon TrotskyAug 1940
Letter to Sylvia Pankhurst, August 28, 1919LeninAug 1919
Letter to The Workers And Peasants Apropos Of The Victory Over KolchakLeninAug 1919
Letter to the Austrian Communists, August 1920LeninAug 1920
Man Does Not Live by Politics AloneLeon TrotskyNov 1923
Meeting of the Central Committee of the RSDLP(b) October 29, 1917LeninOct 1917
Report at the Second All-Russia Trade Union CongressLeninJan 1918
Six Theses On The Immediate Tasks Of The Soviet GovernmentLeninApr 1918
Social-Democracy and the Provisional Revolutionary GovernmentLeninMar 1905
Speech At A Meeting In Basmanny DistrictLeninAug 1918
Speech at a Meeting of The Executive Committee of the Communist International. June 19, 1920LeninJun 1920
Statement to the Editor of the Neue Deutsche Zeitung, July 4, 1850Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Jul 1850
The Constituent Assembly Elections and The Dictatorship of the ProletariatLeninDec 1919
The Dictatorship Of The ProletariatLeninSep 1919
The Heroes Of The Berne InternationalLeninMay 1919
The Passage of Trotsky to Anvers. Open Letter to VanderveldeLeon TrotskyDec 1932
The Peace Programme of the Revolution (1917)Leon TrotskyNov 1917
The Principles of Democracy and Proletarian DictatorshipLeon TrotskyFeb 1918
Theses on Fundamental Tasks of The Second Congress Of The Communist InternationalLeninJun 1920
“Democracy” and DictatorshipLeninDec 1918