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Date of birth 5 May 1818
Date of death 14 March 1883

 Karl Marx textsDate of writing
A Bourgeois Document (1849)4 January 1849
A Central Junta (1854)September 1854
A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy1859
A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy (Manuscripts of 1861-63)August 1861
A Correction (April 1865)13 April 1865
A Correction (February 1867)18 February 1867
A Correspondent of The Kölnische Zeitung vs. The Rheinische Zeitung16 November 1842
A Coup d’Etat of Lord John Russell17 January 1862
A Criticism of American Affairs (August 1862)August 1862
A Critique of Palmerston's Latest Speech1 June 1855
A Critique of the Crimean Affair. From Parliament23 May 1855
A Curious Piece of History18 May 1858
A Decree of Eichmann’s18 November 1848
A Denunciation (Neue Rheinische Zeitung, February 1849)22 February 1849
A Deputation to Chief Public Prosecutor Zweiffel22 November 1848
A Diplomatic Impropriety (1855)2 October 1855
A Final Declaration on the Late Cologne Trials29 November 1852
A Historic Parallel (1859)18 March 1859
A Letter to Adam, Barthelemy and Vidil9 October 1850
A Letter to the Polish Socialists27 September 1880
A Letter to the Prussian Ambassador in London, Baron Bunsen30 May 1850
A London Workers’ Meeting (1862)28 January 1862
A Meeting (March 20, 1855)20 March 1855
A New Ally of the Counter-Revolution (1848)11 December 1848
A New French Revolutionary Manifesto24 September 1858
A New Prussian Kick for the Frankfurt Assembly15 May 1849
A New Year Greeting (1849)8 January 1849
A Pro-America Meeting (January 1862)1 January 1862
A Prussian View of the War24 May 1859
A Radical View of the Peace (October 1859)20 October 1859
A Scandal in the French Legislature. Drouyn de Lhuys' Influence. The State of the Militia3 April 1855
A Sigh From The Tuileries8 March 1859
A Sitting of the House of Lords (1855)15 May 1855
A Superannuated Administration. Prospects of the coalition ministry, &c.11 January 1853
A Suppressed Debate on Mexico and the Alliance with France16 July 1862
A Traitor in Circassia25 March 1857
A Treaty Against the Slave Trade (May 1862)18 May 1862
A Workers’ Inquiry20 April 1880
A congress at Vienna. The Austrian Loan. Proclamations of Dulce and O'Donnell. The Ministerial Crisis in Britain18 July 1854
A reply to Kossuth's "secretary"4 January 1853
A warning (March 1865)15 March 1865
Abolitionist Demonstrations in AmericaAugust 1862
Account of a Letter by Karl Marx to the Committee of the Social-Democratic Workers' Party1870
Account of a Statement Made by Karl Marx to the Cologne Police19 April 1848
Account of an Interview of Karl Marx with John Swinton, Correspondent of The Sun6 September 1880
Achievements of The Ministry27 April 1853
Acquittal of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung8 February 1849
Address from the Working Men's International Association to President JohnsonMay 1865
Address of the Central Authority to the League, June 1850June 1850
Address of the Central Committee to the Communist League, March 1850March 1850
Address of the German Democratic Communists of Brussels To Mr. Feargus O'Connor17 July 1846
Address of the Land and Labour League to the Working Men and Women of Great Britain and IrelandNovember 1869
Address to the German National Assembly in Frankfurt Adopted by a Public Meeting Held in Cologne on September 7, 18489 September 1848
Address to the National Labour Union of the United States12 May 1869
Advertisement Duty. Russian Movements. Denmark. The United States in Europe.5 August 1853
Affairs Continental and English23 August 1853
Affairs in France (January 1860)17 January 1860
Affairs in Holland. Denmark. Conversion of the British Debt. India, Turkey and Russia.24 May 1853
Affairs in Prussia (December 4, 1858)4 December 1858
Affairs in Prussia (January 11, 1859)11 January 1859
Affairs in Prussia (November 16, 1858)16 November 1858
Affairs in Prussia (November 23, 1858)23 November 1858
Affairs in Prussia (October 16, 1858)16 October 1858
Affairs in Prussia (October 19, 1858)19 October 1858
Affairs in Prussia. Prussia, France and Italy27 September 1860
Agitation against Prussia. A day of Fasting19 March 1855
Agitation over The Tightening-up of Sunday Observance2 July 1855
Agreement between Karl Marx and Otto Meissner, Publisher and Bookseller21 March 1865
American Affairs (February 1862)February 1862
American Matters (December 1861)December 1861
An Admission of Incompetence by the Assemblies of Frankfurt and Berlin11 June 1848
An Attempt to Arrest Moll25 September 1848
An Austrian Report Published in the Augsburg Algemeine Zeitung12 March 1849
An International Affaire Mirès28 April 1862
Anglo-Persian War (1856-1857)30 October 1856
Announcement (Neue Rheinische Zeitung, Politisch-ökonomische Revue, January 1850)February 1850
Announcement by the Editors of the Rheinische Zeitung of their Reply to Oberpräsident Von Schaper2 January 1843
Announcement concerning the taking of Sevastopol. From the Paris Bourse. On the Massacre at Hangö in the House of Lords22 June 1855
Announcement of the Convocation of the Rhenish District Congress of Democratic Associations5 August 1848
Announcement of the Responsible Publishers of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung (1)28 September 1848
Announcement of the Responsible Publishers of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung (2)30 September 1848
Announcement of the Rheinische Zeitung18 March 1843
Another British Revelation (1855)8 September 1855
Another Strange Chapter of Modern History7 September 1858
Anti-Church Movement. Demonstration in Hyde Park25 June 1855
Anti-Intervention Feeling (1862)31 January 1862
Appeal of the Democratic Congress to the German People2 November 1848
Appeal of the Democratic District Committee of the Rhine Province14 November 1848
Appeal, Neue Rheinische Zeitung, November 18, 184818 November 1848
Appeal, Neue Rheinische Zeitung, November 21, 184820 November 1848
Apropos CareySeptember 1853
Arrest of Delescluze. Denmark. Austria. The Times on the Prospects of War Against Russia.21 October 1853
Arrests, Neue Rheinische Zeitung, July 4, 18483 July 1848
Arrests, Neue Rheinische Zeitung, July 5, 18484 July 1848
Articles of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung CompanyJuly 1848
As a privilege of particular individuals or a privilege of the human mind?12 May 1842
Attack Upon Sevastopol. Clearing of Estates in Scotland19 May 1854
Attempts to Form a New Opposition Party16 October 1852
Austria and the War (1855)August 1855
Austria, Prussia and Germany in the War10 May 1859
Austrian Bankruptcy (1854)March 1854
Bakunin (Marx, August 2, 1848)2 August 1848
Banquet in Gürzenich20 March 1849
Banquet of February 2427 February 1849
Big Meeting in Support of Political Refugees (November 1855)13 November 1855
Birth Certificate of Karl Marx7 May 1818
Black List (October 14, 1848)14 October 1848
Blue Books. Parliamentary Debates on February 6. Count Orlov's Mission. Operations of the Allied Fleet. The Irish Brigade. Concerning the Convocation of the Labor Parliament7 February 1854
Bolivar y Ponte8 January 1858
Bonaparte's Financial Maneuvers. Military Despotism27 May 1858
Bonaparte's Present Position18 March 1858
British Commerce (August 1859)5 August 1859
British Commerce (July 1860)July 1860
British Commerce (Marx, 1858)7 January 1858
British Commerce (November 1861)2 November 1861
British Commerce (September 1860)8 September 1860
British Commerce and Finance14 September 1858
British Finances (May 1854)9 May 1854
British Finances. The Troubles At Preston31 March 1854
British Incomes in India (1857)21 September 1857
British Politics. Disraeli. The Refugees.Mazzini in London. TurkeyMarch 1853
Cabinet Order on the Daily PressNovember 1842
Camphausen (1849)3 February 1849
Camphausen’s Statement at the Session of May 302 June 1848
Capital Punishment. Mr. Cobden’s Pamphlet. Regulations of the Bank of England28 January 1853
Capital, Volume I1867
Capital, Volume II1861
Capital, Volume III1894
Cavaignac and the June Revolution13 November 1848
Censorship (Rheinische Zeitung, No. 135)15 May 1842
Certificate of Maturity for Pupil of the Gymnasium in Trier24 September 1835
Certificate of Release from Bonn University22 August 1836
Chinese Affairs (July 1862)July 1862
Circular Against Kriege11 May 1846
Circular Letter to August Bebel, Wilhelm Liebknecht, Wilhelm Bracke and OthersSeptember 1879
Circular Letter to August Bebel, Wilhelm Liebknecht, Wilhelm Bracke and Others (2)September 1879
Clashes between the Police and the People. The Events in the Crimea6 July 1855
Comité de sûreté générale in Berlin5 June 1848
Commentary on The Parliamentary Proceedings (August 1855)8 August 1855
Comments on James Mill, Éléments D’économie Politique1844
Comments on The Cabinet Crisis (January 1855)26 January 1855
Comments on The Latest Prussian Censorship Instruction10 February 1842
Comments on the North American Events (October 1862)7 October 1862
Commercial Crises and Currency in Britain (1858)10 August 1858
Communal Reform and the Kölnische ZeitungNovember 1842
Communication Concerning Orders for the Neue Rheinische Zeitung for the First Quarter of 184914 January 1849
Communication on the Hearing of Marx, Schapper and Schneider II by the Examining Magistrate25 November 1848
Communism and the Augsburg Allgemeine Zeitung16 October 1842
Communism and the Augsburg Allgemeine Zeitung Editorial Note22 October 1842
Concerning the Conflict in the Lyons Section (Marx, 1870)1870
Condition of Factory Laborers (1857)7 April 1857
Conditions and Prospects of a War of the Holy Alliance Against France in 1852April 1851
Confessions of a Noble Soul16 November 1848
Confidential Communication on Bakunin28 March 1870
Connections between the International Working Men’s Association and English Working Men’s Organisations4 October 1868
Conspectus of Bakunin’s Statism and AnarchyApril 1874
Conspectus of Kostomarov’s Revolt of Stenka Razin
Conspectus of Lewis Morgan's Ancient Society1884
Contract Between Marx and the Leske Publishers in Darmstadt on the Publication of Kritik der Politik und Nationalokonomie1 February 1845
Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right IntroductionJanuary 1844
Controversy Over the Trent CaseDecember 1861
Corn Prices. European Finances and War Preparations. The Oriental Question25 August 1860
Corruption at Elections (August 20, 1852)20 August 1852
Count Orlov's Mission. Russian Finances During the War.3 February 1854
Counter-Revolution in Berlin13 November 1848
Counter-Revolution in Cologne25 September 1848
Credit Mobilier (May 1857)May 1857
Critical Notes on the Article: “The King of Prussia and Social Reform. By a Prussian”7 August 1844
Criticism of the French Conduct of The War17 March 1855
Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right1843
Critique of the Gotha ProgramApril 1875
Das Kapital1861
David Urquhart20 November 1853
Debates in Parliament (February 21, 1854)21 February 1854
Debates on the Law on Thefts of WoodOctober 1842
Decision of the Berlin National Assembly11 November 1848
Decisions of the General Meeting of the Cologne Workers' Association Held on April 16, 184922 April 1849
Decisions of the General Meeting of the Cologne Workers' Association Held on April 23, 184929 April 1849
Declaration (Marx, December 1860)1 December 1860
Declaration (Marx, November 1859)21 November 1859
Declaration Against Karl Grün3 April 1847
Declaration of War. On the History of the Eastern Question28 March 1854
Declaration of the General Council Concerning the Universal Federalist Council26 May 1872
Declaration of the General Council concerning the British Government’s Attitude Towards Tsarist Russia14 July 1868
Declaration of the General Council of the International Working Men’s Association (February 24, 1872)24 February 1872
Declaration of the Prussian Cabinet. Napoleon's Plans. Prussia's Policy17 February 1854
Defeat of the Palmerston Ministry25 March 1857
Defense. Finances. Decrease of the Aristocracy Politics8 February 1853
Demands of the Communist Party in Germany2 March 1848
Democratic Banquet (February 1849)11 February 1849
Departure of Editor Karl Marx from Cologne22 May 1849
Dismissal of Drigalski17 December 1848
Disraeli's Motion (May 1855)28 May 1855
Does the Reign of Augustus Deserve to be Counted Among the Happier Periods of the Roman Empire?August 1835
Dr. Gottschalk4 August 1848
Draft Plan for a Work on The Modern StateNovember 1844
Draft Resolution of the General Council on the Policy of the British Government towards the Irish Prisoners16 November 1869
Draft Resolution on the Consequences of using Machinery under Capitalism Proposed by the General Council to the Brussels Congress11 August 1868
Draft Resolution on the Reduction of the Working Day Proposed by the General Council to the Brussels Congress25 August 1868
Draft Statement by Heinrich Bauer and Karl Pfänder on the Funds of the German Workers' Educational Society in London1850
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 Texts about Karl MarxAuthorDate of writing
A Cadet Property-Owner Argues “According to Marx”Lenin30 October 1913
An Estimate of Marx by International LiberalismLenin12 March 1908
August BebelLenin8 August 1913
Biographical Notes on Marx’s Literary InterestsEleanor Marx
Conspectus of the Book The Holy Family by Marx and EngelsLenin25 April 1895
Draft of a Speech at the Graveside of Karl MarxFriedrich Engels1883
Engels’ Edition of the Third Volume of Capital and Marx’s Original ManuscriptMichael Heinrich1996
Flora Tristan and Karl MarxMaximilien RubelJanuary 1946
Frederick Engels (by Lenin)Lenin1895
Hyndman on MarxLenin26 November 1911
In the Case of Brentano vs MarxFriedrich EngelsDecember 1890
Karl Marx (by Eleanor Marx)Eleanor MarxMay 1883
Karl Marx (by Engels, 1869)Friedrich Engels28 July 1869
Karl Marx (by Engels, 1877)Friedrich EngelsJune 1877
Karl Marx (by Lenin, 1914)Lenin1914
Karl Marx's Funeral (Engels, 1883)Friedrich Engels1883
Letter to the Editors of the New Yorker Volkszeitung, April 1883Friedrich Engels18 April 1883
Letter to the editor of the New Yorker Volkszeitung, March 1883Friedrich Engels16 March 1883
Marx on the American “General Redistribution”Lenin7 April 1905
Marx, Heinrich Karl (by Engels)Friedrich EngelsNovember 1892
My Case Against the Allgemeine ZeitungKarl Vogt1859
On The History of the Communist LeagueFriedrich EngelsNovember 1885
On the Death of Karl Marx (May 3, 1883)Friedrich Engels3 May 1883
P. Maslov in HystericsLenin16 October 1908
Preface to the Russian Translation of Karl Marx’s Letters to Dr. KugelmannLenin5 February 1907
Preface to the Russian Translation of Letters by Johannes Becker, Joseph Dietzgen, Frederick Engels, Karl Marx, and Others to Friedrich Sorge and OthersLenin6 April 1907
Remarks On Dr. Johann Plenge’s “Marx and Hegel”. Tübingen, 1911LeninJune 1916
ReminiscencesFanni Kravchinskaya
Reminiscences of MarxPaul LafargueSeptember 1890
Reminiscences of the First InternationalAnselmo Lorenzo
Small Traits of Marx’s Great CharacterFranzisca Kugelmann
Socialism Demolished AgainLeninMarch 1914
Speech At The Unveiling Of A Memorial To Marx And EngelsLenin7 November 1918
Speech at the Stone-Laying Ceremony for a Monument to Karl Marx. May 1, 1920Lenin1 May 1920
The Agrarian Question and the “Critics of Marx”LeninJune 1901
The Historical Destiny of the Doctrine of Karl MarxLenin1 March 1913
The Marx-Engels CorrespondenceLenin1913
The Right of Nations to Self-DeterminationLeninFebruary 1914
The State and RevolutionLeninAugust 1917