Friedrich Engels

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Date of birth 28 November 1820
Date of death 5 August 1895


Collections of Friedrich Engels Works[edit source]

Marx-Engels Collected Works, in 50 volumes

Other Friedrich Engels's texts[edit source]

Some texts were never published in the Collected Works. Click here to browse all texts from Engels available on this archive.

Texts about or mentioning Friedrich Engels[edit source]

August Bebel (by Lenin)Lenin1913
Comments on Engels' The Peasant War in GermanyDavid Riazanov1925
Conspectus of the Book The Holy Family by Marx and EngelsLenin1895
Engels’ Edition of the Third Volume of Capital and Marx’s Original ManuscriptMichael Heinrich1996
Engels’ Letters to KautskyLeon Trotsky1935
Engels’s War ArticlesLeon Trotsky1924
Frederick Engels (by Lenin)Lenin1895
How History Is Written. Dished Up to Order by Stalin’s Savants on Frederick Engels AnniversaryLeon Trotsky1935
Legal Proceedings against the Neue Rheinische Zeitung (5)Karl Marx1848
Letter to Ferdinand Lassalle, February 25, 1859Karl Marx1859
Letter to Friedrich Engels, December 14, 1853Karl Marx1853
Letter to Friedrich Engels, February 25, 1859Karl Marx1859
My Acquaintance with EngelsNikolay Rusanov
On The History of the Communist LeagueFriedrich Engels1885
Preface to the Russian Translation of Letters by Johannes Becker, Joseph Dietzgen, Frederick Engels, Karl Marx, and Others to Friedrich Sorge and OthersLenin1907
Prophetic WordsLenin1918
ReminiscencesFanni Kravchinskaya
Speech At The Unveiling Of A Memorial To Marx And EngelsLenin1918
The Attitude of the Workers’ Party to ReligionLenin1909
The Marx-Engels CorrespondenceLenin1913
The State and RevolutionLenin1917
The State: A Lecture Delivered at the Sverdlov UniversityLenin1919