Statutes of the Universal Society of Revolutionary Communists

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Note from MECW :

On the Universal Society of Revolutionary Communists see Note 277.

The agreement referred to was annulled on October 9, 1850, as a result of the split in the Communist League and disagreements that arose between Marx and Engels on the one hand, and the French Blanquist refugees, who supported the sectarian faction of Willich and Schapper, on the other (see this volume, p. 484). The document was apparently written down or copied by Willich.


The aim of the association is the downfall of all privileged classes, the submission of those classes to the dictatorship of the proletarians by keeping the revolution in continual progress until the achievement of communism, which shall be the final form of the constitution of the human family.


To contribute to the realisation of this aim, the association will form ties of solidarity between all sections of the revolutionary communist party, causing national divisions to disappear according to the principle of republican fraternity.


The founding committee of the association is constituted its Central Committee, and, wherever necessary for the accomplishment of the work, it will establish committees which will be in correspondence with the Central Committee.


The number of association members is not limited, but no member may be admitted unless he has been voted in unanimously. In no case can the election be held by secret ballot.


All the association members pledge themselves by solemn oath to preserve absolutely in these terms Article 1 of the present rules. Any modification which might lead to the weakening of the intentions expressed in Article 1 releases members of the association from their obligation.


All the society’s decisions are taken by a majority of two-thirds of the voters.

(Signed:) J. Vidil, Auguste Willich,

G. Julian Harney, Adam,

Ch. Marx, F. Engels