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 Texts with keyword RevolutionAuthorDate of writing
A Central Junta (1854)Karl MarxSeptember 1854
A Letter to Adam, Barthelemy and VidilKarl Marx9 October 1850
A New French Revolutionary ManifestoKarl Marx24 September 1858
A New Revolutionary Workers' AssociationLenin4 June 1905
A New Revolutionary Workers’ AssociationLenin4 June 1905
A Revolution of the 1789 or the 1848 Type?LeninMarch 1905
Address to the German National Assembly in Frankfurt Adopted by a Public Meeting Held in Cologne on September 7, 1848Karl Marx
Friedrich Engels
9 September 1848
Affairs in Prussia (December 4, 1858)Karl Marx4 December 1858
Affairs in Prussia (January 11, 1859)Karl Marx11 January 1859
Affairs in Prussia (November 23, 1858)Karl Marx23 November 1858
Austria — Progress of the Revolution (1860)Friedrich Engels24 December 1860
Bourgeois Philanthropists and Revolutionary Social-DemocracyLenin1 May 1915
Confused and FrightenedLenin24 June 1917
Critical Review of Proudhon's Book Idée générale de la Révolution au XIX-e siècleFriedrich EngelsAugust 1864
David UrquhartKarl Marx20 November 1853
England’s 17th Century RevolutionKarl MarxFebruary 1850
Erfurtery in the Year 1859Karl Marx9 July 1859
EsparteroKarl Marx19 August 1854
Fate of the Great Adventurer (1855)Friedrich Engels16 March 1855
From The Council Of People's Commissars To The Revolutionary Military CommitteeLenin10 November 1917
German Movements (February 1861)Friedrich Engels12 February 1861
Gottfried KinkelKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
April 1850
Has Dual Power Disappeared?Lenin20 May 1917
Herr VogtKarl MarxFebruary 1860
Infamy JustifiedLenin14 June 1917
Interesting Revelations (May 1857)Karl Marx26 May 1857
Introduction to the Leaflet of L. A. Blanqui's Toast Sent to the Refugee CommitteeKarl Marx10 February 1851
Letter to Adolf Cluss, April 17, 1853Karl Marx17 April 1853
Letter to Adolf Cluss, December 14, 1852Karl Marx14 December 1852
Letter to Adolf Cluss, December 7, 1852Karl Marx7 December 1852
Letter to Adolf Cluss, July 20, 1852Karl Marx20 July 1852
Letter to Adolf Cluss, March 25, 1853Karl Marx25 March 1853
Letter to Adolf Cluss, October 8, 1852Karl Marx8 October 1852
Letter to Adolf Cluss, September 15, 1853Karl Marx15 September 1853
Letter to August Bebel, December 11-12, 1884Friedrich Engels12 December 1884
Letter to August Bebel, December 16, 1879Friedrich Engels16 December 1879
Letter to August Bebel, June 6, 1884Friedrich Engels6 June 1884
Letter to August Bebel, March 18-28, 1875Friedrich Engels28 March 1875
Letter to August Bebel, November 18, 1884Friedrich Engels18 November 1884
Letter to August Bebel, October 24, 1891Friedrich Engels24 October 1891
Letter to August Bebel, September 29, 1891Friedrich Engels29 September 1891
Letter to Eduard Bernstein, August 9, 1882Friedrich Engels9 August 1882
Letter to Eduard Bernstein, January 18, 1883Friedrich Engels18 January 1883
Letter to Eduard Bernstein, June 13, 1883Friedrich Engels13 June 1883
Letter to Eduard Bernstein, October 20, 1882Friedrich Engels20 October 1882
Letter to Eduard von Müller-Tellering, March 12, 1850Karl Marx12 March 1850
Letter to Edward Spencer Beesly, October 19, 1870Karl Marx19 October 1870
Letter to Emil Blank, March 26, 1848Friedrich Engels26 March 1848
Letter to Eugenie Papritz, June 26, 1884Friedrich Engels26 June 1884
Letter to Ferdinand Lassalle, April 19, 1859Karl Marx19 April 1859
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